Rumor Mill: Trump Counselor, Kellyanne Conway, Is Secretly Disgusted By Her Boss

OH… this makes for good grist for the rumor mill.

There has been some question as to where Kellyanne Conway is, and why she hasn’t been as present on the news talk shows, as before, stumping for her boss.


“Saturday Night Live” even recently did a skit titled, “Where in the world is KellyAnne Conway?”

“Morning Joe” hosts, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski may have let a particularly naughty cat out of the bag, Monday morning.

Conway is disgusted by Trump.

“This is a woman, by the way, who came on our show during the campaign and would shill for Trump in extensive fashion and then she would get off the air, the camera would be turned off, the microphone would be taken off and she would say ‘bleeech I need to take a shower,’ because she disliked her candidate so much,” Brzezinski said.

Before taking a job with Trump, Conway slammed him multiple times. She was not a fan, then, as if overnight, she suddenly turned into Super-shill.

Brzezinski went on:

“I have to take a shower because it feels so dirty to be saying what I’m saying,” she continued, mockingly quoting Conway. “I guess she’s just used to it now.”

Scarborough joined in, agreeing that, indeed, Conway’s support for Trump was mercenary in nature, but otherwise, she would just as soon not have to deal with him.

She allegedly began referring to him simply as her “client” after the “Access Hollywood” audio was released, where Trump bragged about how his fame allowed him to treat women lewdly.


Yeah, Kellyanne managed to swallow back any lingering sense of decency, in order to keep collecting a fat paycheck.

“I’m just doing this for the money, I’ll be off this soon,” he said, imitating Conway. “I don’t know that she ever said, ‘I’m doing this for the money,’ but this is just my summer vacation, my summer in Europe. And basically, I’m gonna get through this.”

I don’t know why they were talking about Kellyanne Conway, today. They banned her from the show several months ago, because they said she was no longer credible, or “trustworthy.”

Something about alternative facts, maybe?

But if what they’re saying about her comments about Trump, off-mic, are true, it’s a revealing peek into how Trump has surrounded himself with sycophants and Yes-men, who couldn’t care less about the nation, or Trump, for that matter, but only for what he can do for them.

And just as a reminder, here are several instances of Conway slamming Trump (before she decided money means more than principle):


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