Ann Coulter: Comey Firing A "Red Herring"

Excuse me…


I just can’t work up any sympathy for Ann Coulter.

This is presumably an intelligent woman. A lawyer, in a past life, author of several very successful books, commentator and lightning rod.


Coulter lost me when she jumped fully in for Donald Trump during the primaries, when there were so many gifted, true conservative choices.

She earned my loathing when she said that a President Trump could perform abortions in the White House, as long as he built the border wall.

She took it to new depths of depravity when she actually wrote a book called, “In Trump We Trust,” ripping off the motto: In God we trust.

There is no comparison between the two, but she was prepared to lead the charge to build a church on Trump, revealing just how sick she is. I don’t care that it was likely meant to be tongue-in-cheek. The way she has acted, I have my doubts about that.

So am I savoring every disappointed or outraged tweet from Coulter?

Like the first bite of food after a hunger strike, or the first sip of cold water after being lost in the desert… every disillusioned word is like a melody.

The latest:


And she later tweeted out:

Did she honestly think a man with Trump’s background could ever be trusted?

This was childish and naïve of her.

That, or she really isn’t as savvy as she has promoted herself to be.


Coulter has said that she is “a little annoyed” that Trump’s core campaign promise has not been implemented by the GOP leadership and that the funding for the project was cut during negotiations over a spending bill that prevented a government shutdown.

Well, keep twisting, Ann, and keep counting down those days until border wall construction begins. When you get to about 1,400 I’d say it’s safe to stop counting.


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