Marco Rubio Evicted From Tampa Office Due To Protesters

Well, this is unfortunate.

Unfortunate and unnecessary.

Liberal protesters, in a snit over President Trump’s agenda have decided to make things uncomfortable for anyone with an “R” behind their name, or anyone located in the general vicinity of someone with an “R” behind their name, apparently.


The protests outside of Senator Marco Rubio’s Tampa, Florida offices have resulted in his eviction.

The owner of the Bridgeport Center building notified Rubio’s office on Feb. 1 that it will not renew his lease, the Tampa Bay Times said Tuesday.

“A professional office space is not a place for that,” Jude Williams, president of America’s Capital Partners, said. “I understand their cause, but at the end of the day it was a security concern for us.”

Because liberals don’t really concern themselves with how their whining and disruption might affect the lives of others, they weren’t taking the other tenants of the office building into consideration, and the daily protests had become a security concern for them.

Senator Rubio’s lease had run out in December and he was in on a month-to-month basis, with the intention of going somewhere else, as soon as he could find a more suitable arrangement, anyway, but now he has until Friday to vacate.

“We are actively looking for new office space, and our goal is to remain accessible and continue providing prompt and efficient service to all Floridians,” Rubio spokeswoman Christina Mandreucci said in an email.


This might be a great time for Senator Rubio, and other lawmakers facing similar disruptions to seriously look into teleconferencing, Skype, and other such cyber-amenities for they and their staff, until a time when emotions have cooled.

I’ve thought for some time that a safer and more orderly way of conducting town halls, for instance, would be online town halls through Facebook or Twitter.

Staff could collect the questions submitted, and the lawmaker could answer to a much wider crowd than could fit into most town hall forums, with zero interruptions.

It’s not perfect, and it’s not the same as meeting face to face, shaking hands, and being among the citizens, but at least questions will be asked and answered, which is more than is being allowed to go on now by those set on creating havoc for Republican lawmakers in public.


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