Senator Mike Lee's Amazing Pre-Obamacare Debate Tips For Ted Cruz Paid Off Big

One of my colleagues over at The Resurgent came across this gem from Utah Senator Mike Lee, and it deserves a hearty round of golf claps.

If you didn’t catch the Obamacare debate on CNN last night, you missed what our presidential debates in 2016 could have/should have been.


Senator Ted Cruz faced off against perennial grump, Senator Bernie Sanders, and basically rolled him around the stage for two hours.

I have to hand it to CNN for putting this together, and my hope is that we will see more.

Make it happen, CNN.

Personally, I’d love to see Elizabeth Warren face off against Marco Rubio to debate the matter of continued public funding for Planned Parenthood.

Ahead of last night’s debate, however, Senator Lee took to Twitter to offer some debate tips to his friend, Cruz, and they must have really paid off.

While Sanders huffed and puffed, shaking his fist and calling healthcare a “right,” Cruz effortlessly provided numbers and facts to back up his position.

Burdening taxpayers to provide rationed, socialized healthcare is not a solution, Bernie.

Senator Lee’s pre-debate suggestion to Cruz included a book:


“Hey @SenTedCruz, if you need help preparing for your #Obamacare debate tonight with @SenSanders, you can borrow this book. #CNNDebateNight

The accompanying video was everything.

Well played, Senator Lee.

And that book should be a bestseller.


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