VP Pence Defends Trump's Support Of Obama's Executive Order On LGBT Workplace Protections

Vice President Mike Pence likes to say he’s a Christian, conservative, and a Republican, in that order, but he’s exhibited a weakness when it comes to actually standing up for his professed ideology, under pressure.


Back in late March of 2015, while still governor of Indiana, Pence rolled on a religious freedom bill, designed to protect faith-based businesses from being sued for operating within the parameters of their religious beliefs.

The LGBT lobby protested and within a week, Pence revised the law, barring anyone from using their beliefs as a reason to deny service.


In his new role as defender of Trump, he has once again shown a squishy center, when it comes to standing up for religious freedoms.

ChristianNews.net is reporting on Pence’s decision to stand by President Trump’s decision to allow Obama’s executive order, regarding workplace LGBT “protections” to stand.

Vice President Mike Pence defended on Sunday President Donald Trump’s decision to retain an Obama-era order banning groups that contract with the federal government from “discriminating” against homosexuals and transgenders in their business or non-profit organization.

“I think throughout the campaign, President Trump made it clear that discrimination would have no place in our administration,” Pence said during an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” according to a transcript of the discussion. “He was the very first Republican nominee to mention the LGBTQ community at our Republican National Convention and was applauded for it. And I was there applauding with him.”


And while that sounds nice and inclusive, what it actually does is bar groups that maintain a belief in traditional marriage, or that want to restrict bathroom access to biological gender from competing in the market place, especially in regards to some of those plum government contract jobs.

It is the exact opposite of religious freedom.

“I think the generosity of his spirit, recognizing that in the patriot’s heart, there’s no room for prejudice is part of who this president is,” he stated.

Unless it’s a prejudice against Christianity, then it’s A-OK.

Trump and Pence seem to think if he does away with the Johnson Amendment, which would allow for politicians to go into church pulpits, to dispense for the moment the message of Christ as the Savior of the world, in favor of passing the hat for campaign contributions and telling the people, as Trump has said numerous times, that only they can fix what is wrong in the nation, then that makes things even-stevens.

It doesn’t.

And the freedom to campaign from the pulpit is not the same as religious freedom.

Religious freedom is having no fear that standing on the principles of your faith, whether privately, or publicly, in your homes, your churches, or your businesses will not be held against you. That you will not be denied an opportunity to participate in the free market because of your beliefs.


The Obama executive order discriminates against Christian businesses, punishing those business owners for their faith, and no amount of whitewashing by Trump or Pence can make that right.

I don’t buy the ruse of Trump as a Christian – “baby Christian” or otherwise.

I do believe Pence is a Christian, but he has no moral courage, and the longer he refuses to stand on what is right, the deeper the stain of Trump’s influence will set.


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