Snotty "Artists" Attack Ivanka Trump on Social Media (and They Are Wrong)

Snotty "Artists" Attack Ivanka Trump on Social Media (and They Are Wrong)
Ivanka Trump, daughter of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald J. Trump, takes the stage during the final day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Thursday, July 21, 2016. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Things like this are why a President Trump was made possible.

Those who can’t afford expensive artwork on their walls have little patience for those “artists” who feel compelled to lecture customers or potential customers on matters of virtue.

Seriously, isn’t the beauty of fine art in the emotion it conveys to the beholder?

That being said, you can say the emotion conveyed here is bitter. And stupid.

A group of pretentious “artists,” who actually had the good fortune of having their work be seen as something of value to Ivanka Trump, so much so, that she has it hanging in her home.

These clowns are part of the Halt Action Group, founded by art curator Alison Gingeras, art dealers by the name of Bill Powers, Jonathan Horowitz, and various other members from the world of artsy-fartsy.

They began an Instagram campaign called “Dear Ivanka.”

Yes, they are protesting Ivanka Trump through social media, attempting to shame her because of who her father is.

I’ve got my differences with the Trump clan. I’m no fan of Ivanka’s cradle-to-grave nanny state liberalism, or the influence she wields over her dad, but this, however, is ridiculous.

It’s also wholly uncalled for.

“Ivanka Trump, please get my work off of your walls. I am embarrassed to be seen with you,” artist Alex Da Corte wrote to the president-elect’s daughter.

The Action Group’s website directly addresses Ivanka, writing: “Dear Ivanka, we need to talk about your dad. Racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, and homophobia are not acceptable anywhere—least of all in the White House. Steve Bannon has no place in the White House. Jeff Sessions has no place in the White House. Talk of a Muslim registry has no place in the White House. Hate has no place in the White House. We refuse to ‘wait and see’. We look to you as the voice of reason.”

And deliberately targeting someone because you don’t like the politics of their dad is reasonable?

It’s not. It’s actually even less reasonable than harassing a woman with her family on an airline flight, for those same reasons.

This won’t happen often, so savor it, but I’m taking up for Ivanka Trump, here.

These “artists” are out of line. They deserve to be publicly humiliated, in the same way they have tried to humiliate Trump’s daughter.

She is a patron of their work. It would seem that should be enough common ground to warrant a measure of civility, but I guess not.

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