Marco Rubio: Trump Cabinet Appointments Should Get Easy Approval


Speaking with Sean Hannity on Tuesday evening, Florida Senator Marco Rubio made the prediction that President-elect Trump’s cabinet picks would face little resistance in getting confirmed to their assigned posts.

Democrats that might be feeling antsy about that can thank themselves.

In 2013, then-Majority Leader Harry Reid led the charge to change filibuster rules, in order to allow a simple majority vote to confirm presidential nominees to cabinet posts.

At the time, it served Democrats, because it allowed easier passage for President Obama’s cabinet picks.

Now, with Republicans in the majority and a (sort of) Republican president, the shoe is on the other foot.

Said Senator Rubio:

“If you look at the nominations, they changed the rules. And now by 51 votes we can get anybody confirmed except for the Supreme Court and so that’s why I fully anticipate that by and large, unless it’s someone – something troubling comes out, you’re going to see the president-elect get his nominees,” the recently reelected senator told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday evening.

The senator went on to say that with the current rules, Republicans are well-placed to get the Supreme Court picks needed, as well as meeting the goal of repealing and replacing Obamacare.

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