NYT's Paul Krugman Tweets His Own Conspiracy Theory About the Election

One of my fondest memories of the New York Times’ Paul Krugman is seeing him intimidated and harangued into face-dropping silence by Fox News’ resident blowhard, Bill O’Reilly.


Still, Krugman has made a point, in regards to President-elect Trump’s unwillingness to just accept that he won.

He’s right. This is crazy, unhinged, idiotic behavior by Trump.

In this country, all that matters is the electoral college vote. We don’t recognize the popular vote because we live in a representative republic, not a democracy.

Trump’s fragile ego is eclipsing the reality of his situation. He is obsessed with the idea that Hillary Clinton was, after all, more popular than him, based on the amount of people who voted for her.

As to Krugman’s other point, however, that’s debatable.

Top Democrats and Krugman blamed Comey for Clinton’s electoral loss, pointing to his decision to reopen an investigation into Clinton’s private e-mail server about two weeks before the election. An examination of Anthony Weiner’s e-mails for an unrelated probe into allegedly lewd exchanges with an underage girl prompted the reexamination of the Clinton e-mail probe.

Comey announced a few days before the election that he had not found any new evidence, and reiterated his decision not to charge Clinton.

A report in New York Magazine prompted speculation among Democrats over whether voting irregularities, allegedly from Russia, put Trump ahead in states Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.


Again, debatable.

While the left dabbles in recounts in several states, the results are unlikely to change.

Krugman’s core point stands, however. Trump is shooting himself in the foot by declaring voter fraud in an election he actually won.

Perhaps, as he’s trying to prepare himself for a job he has no clue how to do, somebody could give him a few basic Civics lessons?

And take away his Twitter privileges for the entirety of the course.



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