Shock Jock Stern Says Nothing Coming From Trump Now Should Be a Surprise

Shock jock, Howard Stern, has declined to dogpile on nominee Trump, by providing the media with all the interviews he’s had with him in the past, but he also never believed Trump would run for the presidency.


“I, certainly, in a million years, I didn’t expect Trump to seriously run for president,” Stern said. “All the times he came on the show he was a very good sport and he was in the spirit of the show. He’s been very friendly toward me, friendly toward the show, always coming on, so I certainly wasn’t going to f— him over by releasing those tapes. Those tapes are out there on the internet anyway, so that was my stance.”

Well, I suppose there’s some honor in that. Not to mention, he doesn’t owe anyone in the media anything.

And he’s right. Most of what he’s refusing to release from his official recordings is available on the world wide web, anyway. Quite a bit can be pulled from YouTube, if you’re willing to hunt them down.

Anyone who has heard Stern’s show knows that he is not for those with a puritan mindset.

He’s raunchy, and his guests are often pulled into really inappropriate territory.

Trump’s appearances don’t seem to have been any worse than the majority of Stern’s usual round up of strippers, celebs, and assorted, eccentric characters. He was just another guest. The problem is, he was just another guest, letting it all hang out, and then he decided to run for the presidency, knowing he had all of this in his background.

“None of this was hidden,” Stern said. “This is who Trump is. He was always bombastic. He always rated women. He always talked in a misogynistic, sexist kind of way, but he did it sort of proudly and out in the open; and he still won the Republican primary. In one sense, the fact that we do an interview and people’s personalities come out, I’m very proud of that.”

“As far as my role goes, I feel proud in the sense that, I don’t think anybody else does an interview the way this show does,” he continued. “Everyone when they interview is sort of afraid to talk like real people. Now those words are biting him in the ass, but in general, we have a different kind of interviewing process than any other place. Which is why, all of the sudden, everyone, CNN, NBC, Fox, they have to turn to our tapes because it’s a real conversation.”


Interestingly enough, Stern commented after the last elections that he’d never vote Democrat again, because they were “all Communists.”

Trump as nominee for the GOP apparently has given him a new respect for Communism, because he is backing Hillary Clinton.

Actually, he said he’s been waiting for Hillary Clinton to run. He’s a big fan.

He has stated that he agrees with her positions on abortion, immigration, and Planned Parenthood. He also opposes supply side economics.

Or maybe he just knows that goofy character he has shared so many interviews with is not fit to be president.

You can hear the Stern interview here.


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