Liberal Groups Plan to Crash Trump's Washington Hotel Grand Opening Ceremony

They are liberals, which brings us to several evidence-based conclusions.

They’re anti-freedom, anti-free market, fascists, and complete idiots.

Donald Trump, who has basically thrown in the towel on this election (don’t let his surrogates fool you) is taking time off to get back to his main concern – promoting his hotels.

Meanwhile, the usual group of rabble rousing liberal terrorists plan to show up at today’s grand opening of the Washington Trump International Hotel, located four blocks from the White House.

Armed with a new critical ad,, For Our Future and the Culinary Workers Union are planning a demonstration urging the public to boycott Trump’s properties. The groups say that the chain of luxury hotels mistreats workers.

“As Donald Trump takes time off with 13 days left in the campaign to promote his new hotel in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, he will be greeted by angry protesters,” said super political action committee For Our Future’s Ryan Rudominer in a statement to Secrets.

This should be fun.

Several protest permits have been approved and some officials expect hundreds to try to disrupt the grand opening ceremony.

The real treat will be if any of Trump’s delirious devotees show up and interact with the crowd of anti-Trump protesters.

We can only hope that security is tight and the authorities are well prepared for any such occurrences.

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