Issues Focused: Trump Vows to Sue His Accusers

Of course he will.

Donald Trump promised to sue every single woman who accused him of sexual misconduct after the election is over, and blamed the media for using the allegations to attack his campaign.

“Every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign, total fabrication. The events never happened, never,” he said during a rally in Gettysburg, Pa., on Saturday.


Meanwhile, the Trump campaign promised evidence that all of these allegations were false, but has yet to produce that evidence.

To be fair, the women seem to only have their stories, so it appears to be a lot of “He said, she said.”

Trump may be 100% innocent of every accusation, but what people know about his past makes it more likely than not that there’s some validity. Taking this into court may result in a wash.

Trump has denied ever meeting any of the women and suggested at the third presidential debate on Wednesday that the Clinton campaign may have been responsible for them coming forward now. However, one of the women was a reporter for People who met Trump while writing a profile on the GOP nominee and his wife Melania Trump back in 2005.

It was the now infamous 2005 hot mic comments that prompted the flood of accusers, apparently.

So appalled at what he deemed mere “locker room talk,” were those who have maintained their decency through this ugly process, that they revolted. He lost endorsements and his numbers took a sharp turn downward.


For some of those women, who had previously chosen to sit on these accusations, it may have been too much.

Trump, clown that he is, is still a very rich, very connected man. These women may have felt they would be fighting insurmountable odds, in their attempts to see justice done.

We may never know the whole truth. Much like Trump’s evidence to the contrary, or his taxes, it is one of those things we’ll have to wait for.


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