Trump Suggests Paul Ryan Wants Him to Lose

In setting up his continuing narrative of fail, Donald Trump decided to stick with what he knows: blaming everybody else for the fact that he’s a lousy candidate, who never really had a shot at winning.


“I don’t want to be knocking Paul Ryan,” Trump said in an interview that aired Tuesday morning on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

And then he proceeded to knock Paul Ryan.

“I think he could be more supportive to the Republican nominee. We’re doing well, I think we’re going to win the election.”

When asked if he thought Ryan wanted Trump to win, the GOP nominee said: “Maybe not.”

“Because maybe he wants to run in four years and maybe he doesn’t know how to win,” Trump said.

“Maybe he just doesn’t know how to win.”

For all those who have been following the ongoing battle of personalities, between the petulant Trump and the House Speaker, it would appear that Ryan and other party officials have bent over backwards to be accommodating to the nominee.

Trump is blaming them now for not dragging him over the finish line. For all his bluster, he knows this campaign is lost.

On Sunday, Trump released a barrage of tweets that vaguely mentioned his Democrat opponent, but focused mainly on insulting Paul Ryan. His “strategy” at this point seems to be to convince his supporters that when he loses, it’s not because he faced a more disciplined, professional campaign machine, but that he was a man alone, fighting against the entire U.S. government system.


Let’s face it, this is going to make for great reality TV. Trump has stirred up the festering swamp and released the alt-right dregs, who idolize him. He has (they feel) given them legitimacy, where polite society had forced them to remain in the shadows, wallowing in their own stink for so long. Now that they’re out in the open, he is their pied piper, and he has a ready-made audience for his next TV venture.

Meanwhile, Paul Ryan and the GOP are not his opponents, but after his loss, when Trump slides right back to the Democrat party, nobody should be shocked. Those who have paid attention won’t be.

Trump was never a Republican, and certainly not a conservative. Hence, the reason he can’t keep focused on his target, and why he has already lost this election.


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