Suddenly, Trump Doesn't Believe the Polls

Suddenly, Trump Doesn't Believe the Polls
donald-trump-caricature-flickr-cc.jpg January 6, 2016

So, just so we’re straight: During the primaries, when he was winning, the polls were fine.

Now that the preliminaries are over and he’s in the big show, not so much.

“Even though we’re doing pretty good in the polls, I don’t believe the polls anymore,” the GOP presidential nominee told a rally crowd in Colorado Springs, Colo., Tuesday.

“I don’t believe them,” he repeated.

Trump accused the media of hiding good polls about him and playing up bad news. It’s comments like these that frustrate many Republicans in Washington, who privately kvetch that Trump and his allies are denying reality.

“If there’s 10 [polls], and if there’s one or two bad ones, that’s the only one they show,” Trump said. “Believe me, folks, we’re doing great. If we keep our spirit, and if we go out and win.”

Well, no.

Trump benefitted from a packed field of worthy candidates during the primaries, which split the vote.

He benefitted from open primaries, which allowed Democrats to vote in the Republican primary.

He benefitted from a dumbed down, low info crowd, that knew him from reality TV and bought into his bigger-than-life, super successful TV persona. These were the people who get easily worked up over slogans.

He is not a competent candidate, so if he’s lagging in the polls now, it’s his fault.

He went on to suggest that the large rally crowds are proof of how well he’s actually doing, and that when all is said and done, those rascally pollsters are going to be shocked and how well he does.

Referring to the media, he added, “They are so worried. That’s why they’ve become vicious and hostile and dirty. Because they see what’s going on.”

Yes. That’s exactly it. The same media that coddled him all through the summer months of 2015 is suddenly hostile to him.

This is just more of Trump working to whip up his base. When he loses in November, expect a savage response.

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