WATCH: New York Lawmaker Suggests NYT Story May Help Trump

I wouldn’t count on it.

While speaking on Fox News this morning, New York Rep. Peter King employed some sort of backhanded, “Boy Who Cried Wolf” defense of Donald Trump and the state of the presidential race, moving forward.

“I think in some ways it plays into Donald Trump’s hands, that the establishment is out to get him, the media is out to get him, and he’s not getting a fair shake,” he said on Fox news.

“After a while, these charges can just end up being so cumulative, that people will disregard them,” he added.

And this might be a logical conclusion to jump to, in the event that Trump is able to successfully discredit the current allegations of sexual misconduct that are on the table.

Trump has denied the accounts of four women who’ve stepped forward and promises that he’s had proof. When he will be revealing that proof, no one, save Trump, himself, knows. I would suggest that the sooner, the better, but we all know Trump isn’t real big on taking good counsel.

King carried on in his absurdity.

“I understand why Donald Trump was angry,” he said. “He had come off a big debate, he had done very well, he had stopped the bleeding, and then he sees Republicans walking away from him.”

What King is missing is that they didn’t walk away because of his performance in the debate. They walked away because of the toxic nature involved when you tie your name to a man who boasts of sexually assaulting women, using the most vulgar, disrespectful language possible.

Some of those lawmakers may care about their reputations and dignity, which has been difficult enough to cling to, due to the guilt-by-association with Trump problem.

No one is beholden to stay shackled to Trump if they are truly appalled by Trump’s lack of character.

This is politics. Perception is, oftentimes, everything.

If Trump can’t offer a defense against these women, and soon, then he’s likely guilty.

If a politician continues to remain mum about the atrocity at the top of the ticket, they become complicit in every ugly word and destructive behavior.

King has played into the narrative Trump has pushed about some big conspiracy against him.

All the rest of us can do is wish he’d teach us a lesson and walk away, leaving someone else to carry on for the last month of the election.

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