Eric Trump Thinks His Dad's Late Night Twitter Rants Show Work Ethic

Eric Trump, the second favorite (possibly third, after Baron) son was sent out to do damage control for his father’s flailing campaign.

Appearing on Fox’s “America’s Newsroom,” the younger Trump put a furious spin on Trump Sr’s most recent tweetstorm, regarding the Alicia Machado dustup.


In response to host Bill Hemmer’s question on whether the Republican nominee should stop tweeting in the early hours of the morning, Eric Trump said it shows “he will be there to answer the call when things go bad.”

That’s one way to craft a narrative.

It’s not that he’s appearing unhinged and emotionally imbalanced at really odd hours of the night/morning.

It’s that he’s “available.”

The younger Trump had also earlier sought to frame his father as a “workaholic,” in a morning talk radio interview.

“That’s just the man that he is,” Eric Trump said. “There’s something redeeming about seeing that he’s up at three o’clock in the morning, [he] will actually take that call when it comes in, unlike Hillary, who always seems to be nowhere to be found.”

Hillary is likely off, not worrying about Twitter, and getting her rest, after an evening of debate prep.

This is that niggling, troublesome point that Trump’s surrogates and followers either leave out, or just don’t grasp: Preparation, and the sense that his priorities are straight.


If his being a “workaholic” consists of late night Twitter rants, he’s in the wrong line of work.

Most of the world would rather see a well-rested, well-prepared, serious candidate, than an elderly reality TV star, lashing out like a scorned teenager over social media.

I’m not going to go as far as Howard Dean and suggest Trump is on drugs, but his late night antics really do raise some concerns.


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