Trump Surrogate, Roger Stone, Hints of Something Devastating to the Clinton Campaign by Wednesday

Roger Stone was such a disgusting individual that even the Trump campaign wouldn’t keep him, so he was let go in August of 2015. That, however, hasn’t stopped him from acting as an “unofficial” surrogate for the GOP nominee.


I say “unofficial,” but he continues to speak up for Trump and seems to always be involved in some of the nastier incidents going on without the election cycle.

Stone’s name was included in the National Enquirer story that suggested Senator Ted Cruz had engaged in numerous affairs.

At the time, Cruz was Trump’s top rival for the nomination.

Stone is still at it. This time, he is claiming to have inside knowledge of the movements of WikiLeaks, the whistleblower site that stirred things up just before the DNC convention. Hacked documents from the DNC were leaked, revealing the DNC’s collusion with the Clinton camp, as they sought to undermine Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

On Sunday, Stone tweeted out:

So what does he know about WikiLeaks’ movements?

One could make the argument that Roger Stone is just a provocateur, with no real insight or connections, and that he’s only trying to keep the Clinton camp on their toes. Or to keep his name relevant.

Julian Assange has indicated that there is more to be released, which could significantly impact the race.

We’ll see Wednesday if there’s anything more to it, or if Stone is, once again, just stirring the pot.


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