Trump's "Major Speech" Just More of the Same

Trump is back to lying about that wall along the southern border.

Donald Trump pledged to build an “impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful southern border wall” during a speech on Wednesday in Arizona.

“We will build a great wall along the southern border,” Trump said and was interrupted by loud applause. “And Mexico will pay for the wall. Hundred percent. They don’t know it yet, but they’re going to pay for the wall.


This directly contradicts what Mexico’s President Nieto said about the meeting between he and Trump today.

Trump has suggested that the meeting with Nieto didn’t include a conversation about the wall, but as Caleb mentioned earlier, the Mexican president says that, in fact, they did mention the wall. The conversation was in regards to who was going to pay for it.

“Not us,” said Nieto.

The rest of Trump’s speech tonight was the usual, pointless word salad, extra confusing, to distract from his failure to appear presidential in his talks with Nieto.

Then right back to the same nationalist tripe that he’s pivoted back and forth between since June 2015.


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