Trump Hypocrisy: Did Donald Trump Circumvent Immigration Laws to Exploit European Models?

Let me preface this piece by acknowledging that as best I can tell, the report originated with Mother Jones, a site I give about as much legitimacy as I do the current shell of what used to be Breitbart (as in: not very much).


With that said, if anywhere close to accurate, it paints a very vivid portrait of hypocrisy on the part of the GOP’s nominee.

CNN’s New Day panel discussed the report yesterday of Trump’s modeling agency, Trump Model Management, and the apparent confession of several of his European models, who claim to have come in with travel visas, not work visas, which would have put them in violation of our immigration laws.

Those with simply travel visas are not allowed to take work while in the United States.

CHRIS CUOMO (CO-HOST): Rebecca Berg, this other story, this Mother Jones story. It basically says, to Mark’s description of the Clintons, you play by your own rules, that speculation. It seems to fall into that category with Donald Trump. This modeling agency that he has, women came forward saying they circumvented immigration law, they put us in these lousy apartments, and they were just milking the system and milking these women to model and doing it on the cheap. How much do you think there happens with this?

REBECCA BERG: Well, it could be hugely consequential because it shows perhaps that there is some inconsistencies between what Donald Trump is saying and what he’s actually done in his business career. But what we have seen with Donald Trump is that he likes to brag about taking advantage of loopholes in the law, not only when it comes to something like this, immigration rules, but also with taxation. And he’s used the tax codes, as he said, to his advantage. And so if he can make the case that he was trying to take advantage of a broken system, there is a way that he could maybe maneuver this politically to a place where it’s advantageous for him.


As loathe as I am to agree with anybody on CNN, especially a Cuomo, everything that’s being said is correct, if the reports prove to be true.

If Trump is going to stand on immigration and insist our national laws should be obeyed, then that applies to everyone, or no one at all. He has to make his mind up about that and then stick to it.

However, as it is with most elitist, they see the world very much as “Us versus Them.” He is an “us” and anybody not a part of the Billionaires Club is most decidedly a “them.” The rules are different. Trump just hasn’t made that clear to his rabid fan base.

CUOMO: It’s not taxes. These are the H1B visas that he’s talked about being abused. He said, “I’m going to get rid of them because people abuse them and that’s really wrong. We have to be tougher.” That’s what they’re accusing him of in this piece.

ALISYN CAMEROTA (CO-HOST): Right I mean, basically that he had told the models who were coming into this country, “Just say that you’re here for tourism.”

CUOMO: Taking meetings. You’re not working.

CAMEROTA: “Yeah, you’re taking meetings, you’re trying to find an agent in this [INAUDIBLE] for tourism if they find your portfolio,” because they really were coming in for work, “if they find your portfolio just say that you were looking for an agent.” So is that a loophole or is that breaking the law?


It’s breaking the law.

We may hear about this again. Surely, Clinton already has zoned in and has her team digging deep for the best way to exploit this at the upcoming debate.

But hey, Trumplings, at least he’s not a politician, right?

Right. He’s just a corrupt businessman.



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