Will Trump Clarify His Immigration Stance on Wednesday?

Things in the world of the Branch Trumpidians went a bit more haywire than usual last week, when Trump went gooey on his core campaign promise of deporting all illegal immigrants.


Ann Coulter bemoaned the status of her new book, where she’d declared on page 3 that the only thing that could hurt Trump would be his changing his stance on immigration – and then it happened.

All of the Trump faithful had to face that they had been cucked.

Then, as is the way with Trump, one of his other faces spoke up and reiterated his original immigration plan.

At this point, nobody knows what he’s going to do. Trump has a revolving door of positions on pretty much every and any issue.

That’s what happens when you push someone into such a high profile position, based on celebrity, rather than experience and a history that shows they could successfully carry out the duties of the job.

As the Washington Examiner is reporting today, however, Trump may be ready to reveal, yet, another facet to his immigration stance.

Donald Trump Wednesday said he will deliver a “major” speech Wednesday in Arizona on illegal immigration, apparently setting a deadline for a much-anticipated clarification of his views on the topic.

“I will be making a major speech on ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION on Wednesday in the GREAT State of Arizona. Big crowds, looking for a larger venue,” Trump tweeted.


Trump’s staff suggested that the speech will be about deporting the criminal element of immigrants. He likely sees it as a happy medium to be reached between those who opposed his earlier, hardline stance of deporting all immigrants, and his base, who largely support massive deportations of those here illegally.

The Arizona speech had originally been billed as an immigration speech, but then Trump aides suggested it would be about something else. Now, amid pressure for him to outline his views, the immigration speech is back on.

He flips. He flops.

Given that he’s trying to walk between two opposite views, Wednesday’s speech will likely be a massive, dizzying mish-mash of incomplete sentences, mindless rambling through some nether-region of Trump’s thought process, and a lot of Trump pointing into the crowd to acknowledge random, frothing attendees.

Oh, and expect to hear from glassy-eyed Trumpidian loyalists afterwards, claiming it to be the greatest speech since Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.


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