Ghoulish, Callous Trump Uses Fresh Tragedy to Promote His Campaign

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Empathy, discretion, tact… all things Donald J. Trump is severely lacking. You can add those on top of leadership ability and common sense.

The tragic and all-too-familiar news broke today of another innocent shot and killed in Chicago.


This time, it was the cousin of the Chicago Bulls’ Dwyane Wade.

Nykea Aldridge was pushing her baby in a carriage along South Calumet Avenue, on the South Side of Chicago on Friday afternoon. The horror that followed should never have to befall any family.

Aldridge was accompanied on her stroll by an unnamed man. Two other men approached and began firing at the man, hitting Aldridge in the arm and head. She was taken to the hospital, where she died.

The baby, thank God, was not hurt, and family members came to collect the child from the hospital.

This is horrible. It was one more piece of bad news I didn’t want to read this morning. My heart goes out to that family and especially to a child who will grow up with no real memory of his mom.

This is a human emotion. Grieving, and a desire to reach out and comfort are the fruit of our better angels, when another life is taken too soon.

As desperately as I want to believe that our leaders, or those who seek to be our leaders possess these better angels, people like Trump keep stealing that hope.


There’s a time to speak out with force, and there’s a time to administer compassion, Mr. Trump.

You are ill-equipped to determine one from the other.

It’s not all about you, Trump. This was a disgusting display of callous disregard for the emotional well-being of others.

Tragedy has been used as a campaign tool before, but it’s never right. If we don’t accept it from the Democrats, we shouldn’t accept it from the pseudo-Republicans, either.

I’d tell you to fix your life, but at 70-years old, with no one to ever tell you that you’re wrong, I’d say that’s a ship long sailed.


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