(VIDEO) Laughing at Trump Supporters May Be the Only Way We Survive This Campaign Season

They really are this dumb.

From the Blaze:

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog set out to find the answer by hosting a “focus group” of self-described Trump supporters giving their feedback on very fake — and extremely outrageous — Trump campaign ads.

From locking up Mexicans in Porta Potties and shipping them back across the border to demanding that Hillary Clinton “answer” whether she is actually a man or woman, the made-up ads don’t appear to sway the devoted “focus group” participants.


I was at least comforted that some were laughing, as if they suspected maybe there was a joke involved, but the testimonials at the end brought me back down to earth, pretty quick.

The Branch Trumpidian tribe are loyal, indeed, but they’re also not very bright, and this is why we are in the dire straits we see today.


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