Trump Abandons Traditional Republican Positions in Outreach to Everybody Else

He may be the most unelectable candidate in Republican party history, but at least he’s breaking records.

First Republican candidate to suggest cradle-to-grave, big government care.


First Republican candidate to suggest pulling out of NATO and allowing Russia to take a bigger role on the world stage.

First Republican candidate who knows absolutely nothing about any of the traditional platforms of American conservatism.

And now, from the Washington Examiner:

Donald Trump’s outreach to the gay community during his prime time acceptance speech in Cleveland last week could win him the most LGBTQ votes in Republican presidential election history, according to the head of a GOP gay organization.

“My prediction is that Donald Trump will win this election,” said Log Cabin Republicans President Gregory T. Angelo. And, referencing a prediction by liberal movie director Michael Moore, he added, “Trump is going to win in a landslide.”

In fact, Trump was sure to pack the GOP convention with plenty of speakers who scoffed at issues that have previously been of importance to conservatives and evangelical voters.

Daughter Ivanka pushed the debunked issue of gender pay disparity. PayPal co-founder, Peter Thiel, attacked the culture wars as a “distraction,” even as his company was responsible for beginning the boycott of North Carolina for not bowing to his side of the culture wars (allowing men in women’s bathrooms), rather than letting business be business.

So who’s distracted, actually?

The Log Cabin Republicans, while they haven’t formally endorsed Trump, pending a meeting with him, will likely give him their approval soon.


“What the Trump campaign has done at least in so far as it has engaged in LGBTQ issues, and done so explicitly, it has jettisoned a lot of the more fiery rhetoric that we see around social issues, rhetoric that in previous election cycles, even only four years ago, included the Republican Party nominee not just saying that he doesn’t support marriage equality, but going so far as to sign a pledge and saying he would support a constitutional ban on marriage equality,” he said after the event which took place across the street from the Liberty Bell.

Translation: Christians and supporters of traditional marriage have no place in Trump’s Republican party.

Angelo went on to point out that gay Republicans aren’t all single issue voters. That being said, no one can call them mainstream Republicans, either, just by virtue of the fact that they have segregated themselves from the mainstream by feeling it necessary to start a separate movement, based on their sexuality.

Whether Trump’s outreach is to pander for those votes or to actually bring them into the fold, there’s little dispute that their vision for the future of the GOP is decidedly out of step with those who came into the Republican party on the basis of God, country, and family.


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