Wait... WHAT? RNC Address by Chairman Priebus is the Most Reality Impaired Thing You'll See All Day (Video)

Are you high??

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus looks and sounds completely unconvinced of his own words in this Republican address video released on Friday.

Priebus pushes the lie that the Republican party came out of this past week’s historically corrupt and rancorous GOP convention as a unified entity.

Meanwhile, the GOP nominee, a dull-witted, spray tanned, Biff Tannen rip-off has hit the ground running – at other Republicans.

Yeah. Unity.

At some point, I’m going to assume Priebus and the rest of the pall bearers for the GOP will try and get their nominee to actually say a word or two about his opponent, Hillary Clinton. With only a bit more than 3 months before the general election, and Trump’s devotion to acting on his enemies list, rather than actually trying to win an election, however, I’d say any attempts to make this seem like an actual election and not a set-up to get Hillary Clinton in office, will fail.

For three and a half minutes, you can hear Priebus speak as if he’s on an alternate plane; one where there is no media, no Twitter or any sort of outlet by which Trump can be observed and judged, and as far as anybody knows, the GOP has an actual, legitimate candidate.

Watch for yourself, and see if you come away the same as I have: with a mixed sense of pity and loathing for this weasel-y little man.