We're One Month Away From the RedState Gathering

The time is fast approaching. This is an opportunity for civic-minded patriots to congregate, educate, and plan for this nation’s future.

During the earliest days of our nation’s founding, communities would gather in churches to hear their leadership speak on principle and causes that would grow and benefit this fledgling republic.

They were involved, passionate, and driven to build a nation free from the oppressive chains of a distant government entity.

These were people with no god but the Creator. They neither wanted, nor required the scraps from the king’s table, in order to survive. They were determined to stand on what was right and to make it on their own, a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

From shore to shore, our nation’s ground is soaked with the blood of patriots. We got some things right, and so much wrong along the way, but we came out of it a nation that has been a beacon of hope, ambition, and promise for the whole world to see.

Why else would so many immigrants through the years struggle and sacrifice to make it to this land, all for the opportunity to call themselves “American”?

So what happened to us, and how do we set it right?

Involvement. The answer to both questions is involvement. The lack of, in the first case, and becoming more involved, in the second case.

The upcoming RedState Gathering is an opportunity for a new era of patriots to reclaim that revolutionary spirit, through education, activism, and involvement in the process.

I dare say, now, just as much (if not more so) than in those early years, we need to be willing to stand.

We’re a month away from this amazing event. Make your plans and register now. You will want to say you were a part of this.

The new revolution is now.