Totally NOT Insulting: Ben Carson Suggests Voters Don't Know How to Donate

Worst political surrogate in history, Dr. Ben Carson, finds a way to make Trump’s campaign shortfall the fault of voters, and not the failing of Trump as a viable candidate for the presidency.

Speaking with Don Lemon on CNN Monday, Carson (who still has $1.7 million in his failed campaign, as opposed to the $1.2 million in the campaign coffers of “successful businessman,” Trump) provided insight into why the money isn’t simply rolling in, hand over fist.

You heard that right. People are confused and don’t know how to donate.

Trump has a campaign website. That website, like every other candidate site, has a “Donate” link. Not to mention, most voters are being inundated with emails begging for contributions now, and those emails all contain a link to donate.

It really couldn’t be easier, but according to Dr. Carson, laying the method for donating in the lap of the typical Trumpling isn’t enough.

The next step is to send Carson, Chris Christie, and Paul Manafort to Walmart parking lots to go from car to car to hand out handmade keychains with little slips of paper that read:

Trying to raise money to fund our candidate’s campaign. Please accept this keychain for a $1 contribution. Thank you, and God bless you.

Meanwhile, Trump is still bragging about what he could do, as far as self-funding, but he has yet to write that check.