Ice Cream Will Help Battle the Scourge of Rich White Men in Politics

FILE--Ben & Jerry's Homemade Inc. CEO Perry Odak, right, eats ice cream with Ben Cohen , center, and Jerry Greenfield in this Jan. 2, 1997 file photo in South Burlington, Vt. An executive at Unilever, Yves Couette, will replace Odak at the first of the year. Ben & Jerry's may soon be a company without Ben or Jerry. Cohen and Greenfield, founders of the ice cream company that bears their names, aren't happy with the selection of the new chief executive officer. They released a joint statement Monday, Nov. 20, 2000 saying they strongly supported a different candidate for CEO. (AP Photo/Toby Talbot, File)

Remember that time when two old, rich, white Democrat men said that old, rich, white men had too much power in politics?

No, this isn’t the punchline to some liberal joke.


It is the true lack of self-awareness that seems to permeate the very being of every liberal.

Enter Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the co-founders of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. They’ve created a new flavor of ice cream, “Empower Mint” as a way to combat the undue influence of the much-reviled old, rich, white man.

From the Washington Examiner:

“Using the voice of Federal Election Commissioner Ellen Weintraub, the video tells viewers that old men are simply donating too much money to political candidates.

‘Who are these big donors? They are overwhelmingly white, rich, older and male. They do not reflect the diversity of this beautiful country,’ Weintraub can be heard shouting at a rally around the 50-second mark.”

Call me wacky, but if a considerable portion of this nation is older gentlemen, with varying degrees of wealth, and yes, some are Caucasian, wouldn’t they also lend to the diversity of this beautiful country?

Just a thought.

Weintraub gave the speech featured in the video in Washington, D.C, at a rally they dubiously titled, “Democracy Awakening.” Organizers of the rally, which was to push for more restrictions on federal campaign finances, encouraged participants in the rally to bring their protests to a restricted area of Capitol grounds. They also informed them that they would likely be arrested, so to bring bail money.


Cohen and Greenfield, Sanders supporters, are ever the progressive warriors, so they were among those who complied with the directives of Weintraub and the rally organizers, being booked along with about 300 other attendees.

So how much will you be looking to pay for politically involved ice cream? The going rate on activist creameries is about $5 for two scoops of the Empower Mint flavor.

I can get an entire quart of Turkey Hill Double Dunker for that.

I’m thinking I’ll pass.



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