Texas Governor Abbott Confident Texas Will Vote Trump

Add another Texas governor to those who have agreed to be dragged along the tracks behind the Trump train.

Governor Greg Abbott, who previously gave his support to Senator Ted Cruz, is voicing his reasons for now speaking up on behalf of presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump.


Abbott appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” this morning.

“’I made it clear from the very beginning that I would be supporting whoever the Republican nominee is,’ Abbott said. ‘As we work our pathway forward … we see the devastation that Hillary Clinton will wreck upon the United States of America.’”

It’s as if these newly-converted Trump supporters feel that the “R” he’s sporting beside his name for the moment will act as a shield against any bad or idiotic actions the toad commits.

Abbott went on to insist that Trump would win Texas. Texas went, overwhelmingly, to Ted Cruz in the primary, but with Cruz out of the running, the picture becomes a bit more murky and Texas voters, just like the rest of the nation, are faced with no good choices.


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