NC Governor Pat McCrory Responds to Justice Department Threats

For those in mourning over the chaos surrounding the presidential race, where our choices are between someone who will ruin us and someone who will destroy us, I would urge you to not let melancholia overtake you.


While at the federal level, it may seem that all is lost, there are still battles on the ground raging, and we must not check out, but be vigilant in fighting the good fight.

One of the stalwart warriors of the right is North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory. He continues to battle the gay mafia, media and entertainment bullies, and extortion attempts by the morally corrupt Obama administration.

As President Obama makes a final push to decimate the last vestiges of decency and common sense in America, he has his cultural Marxist thuggery trained squarely on the Tarheel state.

On Wednesday, Obama had his Orcs with the Justice Department send a letter to Governor McCrory, informing him that the hotly debated “bathroom bill” violates laws preventing workplace discrimination, based on sex.

The letter also came with a threat. North Carolina has been given until Monday (May 9, 2016) to confirm that the state “will not comply with or implement HB2.” McCrory asked for an extension to consider every option available.


“They gave the ninth-largest state in the United States … three working days to respond to a pretty complex letter and to a pretty big threat,” McCrory said on “Fox News Sunday.” “We don’t think three working days is enough to respond to such a threat.”

If you needed any further proof that Obama is running his administration like a dirty Chicago thug, the letter went on to say that the Justice Department would grant the state a week’s extension, if McCrory were to fold and admit that the bathroom bill was, in fact, discriminatory.


No, that wasn’t a typo. The Obama administration wants Governor McCrory to show himself contrite and humbled, then, with hat in hand, confess to passing a bigoted law… or else.

“Well, I’m not going to publicly announce that something discriminates, which is agreeing with their letter, because we’re really talking about a letter in which they’re trying to define gender identity,” he said.

He added that there is no clear definition of gender identity.

The leverage for the threat is the loss of millions of dollars in federal funds to North Carolina schools. McCrory stated that he’ll take the next 24 hours to decide how to respond to the clear act of compulsion from the federal government.

These are the battles that need to be focused on, now. While the grand shell game of presidential candidates is distracting the public, there are many lower level electoral dramas being played out.

Let’s not forget them.



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