Fox News Host Skewers Trump

I must make some clarifications.

For some time, I’ve been insisting that all of Fox News is in the tank for Donald Trump. That just isn’t so. While Roger Ailes may be a Trump friend, and the vast majority of the Fox News team are reduced to little more than Trumpidian spokesmen and lackeys, there do exist bright spots of resistance.

Dana Perino, Megyn Kelly, and Greg Gutfeld have managed to maintain some level of dignity and decorum, in the midst of the swirling cesspool of sycophantic Trump-love that Fox News has become.

After Greta Van Susteren gave a gooey, puff piece showing in a Fox News town hall event last Monday, in regards to her questions for Trump, Gutfeld took to Twitter to skewer the event with glorious sarcasm.

Gutfeld went on to warn of rough waters ahead.

Thoughts and prayers, indeed.

Humor is a small comfort, but in this insane campaign season, which may very well prove disastrous for both the GOP and the conservative movement, in general, we have to take what we can get.

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