2020 Election: Another Look at Arizona Election Numbers

Numbers, numbers. Which ones are correct? Don’t look to the legacy media for anything other than a surface pass at what is being uncovered by the Arizona audit. The Arizona senate hearing on 15 July gave us a taste of what to expect in the final audit report, but just about the only story endlessly repeated by the Democrat-media complex was this one which was magically produced by the Associated Press just one day later:

Arizona county election officials have identified fewer than 200 cases of potential voter fraud out of more than 3 million ballots cast in last year’s presidential election, further discrediting former President Donald Trump’s claims of a stolen election as his allies continue a disputed ballot review in the state’s most populous county.

In other words, never mind the devastating testimony given at the senate hearing; “there are only 200 cases found” (and by implication, the audit is a waste of time). The AP (“AgitProp”) was previously taken to task here. They are part of the Democrat political machine and should be ignored unless the goal is to understand the latest Democrat false narrative.

Let’s look at the real numbers, as that 200 figure is a blatant lie – and the AP knows it. Here are some numerical highlights from the Arizona senate hearing held on 15 July (taken from the hearing video here, beginning at the 3-hour-and-1-minute mark):

  1. 11,326 people who voted were not on the 11/7 voter rolls but were somehow listed in the 12/4 database
  2. 3,981 people who voted on Election Day were registered after 10/15, which is a violation of Arizona state law
  3. ~18,000 people voted on Election Day but were subsequently removed from the rolls
  4. 74,243 mail-in ballots were counted with no clear record of having been mailed out in the first place

That last 74K number disclosed by Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan during the hearing sent the legacy media into damage control mode bigly afterward, with CNN leading the pack by conducting a “fact-check” on 18 July based on “data analysis” by Garrett Archer of ABC15, KNXV-TV, in Phoenix that he tweeted out on 16 July:

By the way, note CNN’s use of the ever-present word “baseless(ly)” in their blaring “fact-check” headline: “Fact check: Arizona audit chief baselessly raises suspicion about 74,000 ballots.” The legacy media use “baseless” in every agitprop story they generate about election fraud evidence associated with the 2020 election.

Intrepid retired senior DoD analysis Ray Blehar took Garrett Archer and CNN to the woodshed by making the following points:

  • CNN’s “expert source” Garrett Archer didn’t source his data; he claimed the file was provided by “some friends of mine”
  • When pushed to cite the files he used, Archer claimed to have used the EV32 (requests for ballots) and EV33 (returned ballots) files. However, Maricopa County election officials stated that the “Voted File” is the correct source for analysis. In short, Archer used the wrong file!
  • Without access to the actual server log, it is impossible to ascertain whether the Voted File has been completely secure since Election Day. “[I]f the Voted File was not secure, an individual could have accessed it immediately after the Cyber Ninjas announced the vote discrepancy and changed the numbers.”
  • Blehar further explains the importance of gaining access to the server logs: “[T]he Cyber Ninjas want to know specifically if there is a one-to-one match between the absentee/early ballot it examined and if there is a REQUEST for that ballot in the Voted File. Gross numbers of ballots requested and returned – that Maricopa County cited in response to Logan – don’t answer that question.” [Note: Archer blithely ignored that key fact in his “analysis”!]
  • There should have been daily figures available of returned vs. requested ballots in the days leading up to and after the election, but Maricopa County has never provided any of those numbers to the public. [Why?]
  • “Arizona, through its contractor,, never publicly posted the ballots requested and returned from each county” in the state. [Again, why?] A possible answer: These data could be used to distribute the excess votes from Maricopa County. As previously detailed in this article, there were ~120,000 excess votes for Biden counted on Election Day night in Maricopa than his final tabulation. Those excess votes were almost certainly distributed to other counties. The router logs must be examined to determine what happened, which is likely among the reasons why Maricopa County is refusing to provide them to the auditors. One of the other reasons is there were 37,000 queries to the election system on 11 March. [Why?]

In a follow-up analysis of the Arizona election here, Blehar explained how the electronic vote-shifting of those ~120,000 excess votes in Maricopa County probably happened:

  • In order to make it work, a bad actor or actors would have accessed the Arizona’s Voted File to determine how many votes were not cast by the time the polls closed on November 3rd.  Once … the total number of eligible non-voters in each county [was determined], a lesser number of Biden votes could be electronically shifted to that county in the Election Management System.  After that occurred, the voters would be designated as [having] voted in the Voted File.
  • The canvassing of votes will not catch the error because the county compares the number of votes cast (from poll book totals) to the totals on the tabulator tapes to ensure they match.  The bad actors would have manipulated the figures to make them match and know which precincts and counties were clean versus those that were not.

This is why Maricopa County won’t release the routers and server logs to the auditors! This excess ballot distribution scheme would be fully exposed.

Sorry, Garrett Archer, CNN, and AP! Your false stories are nothing but Democrat agitprop. If you truly believed your tripe, you would publicly pressure Maricopa County to provide the server logs and routers for forensic analysis, which would then definitively prove your claims. That you instead rush to rebut the audit results using unauthoritative sources tells us that you know you are lying about those 74,000 excess absentee ballots and what your agenda really is: you are part of the Democrat protection racket that is the legacy media these days.

The end.


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