A.U.D.I.T. of Elections: Michigan Needs a Forensic Audit Bigly

It only took eight months, but Ronna McDaniel finally said something the other day intimating election fraud during the 2020 election:

This after she and others at the RNC bilked a couple of hundred million dollars of donations from Trump supporters who thought that money was going to be used by the RNC on election-related lawsuits and other actions. Funny how not a single RNC lawyer was involved in any of the post-election lawsuits on behalf of President Trump, and the likes of McDaniel, Mitch McConnell (RINO-KY), and other “top Republicans” have been silent about election fraud even after the AZ senate hearing that dropped bombshells last week.

McDaniel’s GOP establishmentarian bent didn’t just materialize during her stint at the RNC. Lest we forget, the Michigan GOP is “the house that Ronna McDaniel built.” Before being rewarded for “delivering Michigan” to President Trump in 2016 in her elevation as Republican National Committee chairwoman, McDaniel was the Michigan state GOP chairman, and as such imprinted her moderate stamp on the Party (a chip off her grandfather and former 3-term governor George Romney, who was tagged in this piece as “The Lone Liberal Republican”).

Moderates dominate GOP politics in Michigan. That would explain many of them refusing to give adequate review and follow-up to the forensic analysis conducted in Antrim County showing evidence of manipulation of vote tabulation machines and external access to election management systems, as excerpted from this 17 May article:

[Lawyer Matt] DePerno announced that Lenberg found this weekend, per Exhibit 17, a significant “subset of the critical deficiencies in the security of the electronic voting systems used in Antrim County, Michigan for the November 3, 2020 election.” Exhibit 17 also notes that “password enforcement policies on the EMS are substandard, they even allow the users to set purposefully ‘weak’ passwords as a feature.”

One of the critical deficiencies highlighted by DePerno is the ability of the election workers “to set the time on a tabulator at any time in order to print paper tapes that show the appropriate date/time stamp. The technician/supervisor password enables the workers to have this capability.” This is a significant issue because an election worker can potentially run extra ballots without detection “outside of the election window or after hours” to create ballots to produce a desired number of votes.

It seems the DePerno team has also found “duplicate matching ballot indexes.” DePerno stated, “It gets worse, people. Based on a review of the Antrim County results, it indicates duplicate matching ballot indexes—which is evidence of ballot stuffing and fraud.” While they are still studying the evidence, he explained that “this means there were ballots fed into the system more than once—repeatedly.” This issue showed up in the Antrim County election to the tune of 1,060 potential fraudulent phantom votes that showed up in the hand recount according to DePerno and do not match the records held by Secretary of State Benson.

One would think that DePerno’s forensic evidence would have instigated an investigation by the Republican-dominated Michigan Senate Oversight Committee. Instead, Sen. Ed McBroom, chairman of the committee, issued a summary report on “The November 2020 Election in Michigan,” claiming in the Executive Summary, “This Committee found no evidence of widespread or systematic fraud in Michigan’s prosecution of the 2020 election.” That statement is false, not only due to DePerno’s evidence, but also from independent analyses conducted since Election Day, including this one completed on 27 November with these conclusions:

1) There are some major statistical aberrations in the MI voting records, that are extremely unlikely to occur in a normal (i.e., un-manipulated) setting.

2) The appearance of software manipulation is most troubling.

3) The anomalies almost exclusively happened with the Biden votes. By comparison, the Trump votes looked statistically normal.

4) Nine (out of 83) Michigan counties stood out from all the rest. These counties showed distinctive signs of voting abnormalities — again, all for Biden.

5) The total number of Michigan suspicious votes is 200,000± — which exceeds the reported margin of Biden votes over Trump. See the next page for an outline of the the several analyses and our conclusion of how many suspicious votes there are.

6) These statistical analyses do not prove fraud, but rather provide scientific evidence that the reported results are highly unlikely to be an accurate reflection of how Michigan citizens voted. [Proof can only be conclusive through a full forensic audit.]

That is by no means all. Here is an excerpt from an election night county-by-county analysis of voter registration trends in Michigan by Seth Keshel that provides ample rationale for a state-wide audit. Recommend reading the entire analysis report here.

The consistent characteristic in the shift in Michigan’s political landscape is the declining Democratic Party raw vote totals, and the increasing Republican totals. Thus far, according to the Decision Desk unofficial vote tally, President Trump is substantially adding to his vote totals in every Michigan County, while his opponent adds votes at a greater percentage, often in counties that have trended steadily away from Democrats since at least 2008.

All counties showing two consecutive cycles of inverse party trend (Republican up twice, Democrat down twice), with Democrats substantially up this year, may be subject to counting errors, or “glitches,” like those reported in Antrim County. These voting machines and their associated software should be audited and examined by coding professionals, especially if the recent newsworthy events regarding corrupted voting software are widespread.

The entire vote in Michigan is suspect against historical trends and should be subject to recanvass and audit, not just a recount of hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots. It appears that the major case in the state is that in spite of substantially growing his vote share in strong-Trump counties, and surging in votes in urban and suburban counties, Trump’s margin is substantially limited, even after two consecutive inverse party trends. In urban or suburban areas, Democratic vote share is soaring to record numbers, even over Obama’s totals after a 16.44% win, all while Trump surges in votes in those counties as well. Urban areas have issues with transparency and should be fully audited for mail and absentee fraud.

But Sen. Ed McBroom didn’t stop with his ridiculous letter; he subsequently asked Dana Nessel, the Democrat AG in Michigan, to “investigate allegations that unnamed individuals are making false claims about the 2020 election for personal profit.” One wonders what is motivating him since most people support audits, and there is ample rationale to conduct one in Michigan. Where is the harm in conducting an audit – except to Democrats if fraud is confirmed or to Republicans if none is found?

Is McBroom making common cause with Soros Democrats in Michigan? Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who has been fighting Deperno about the Antrim County findings, piled on about Nessel’s investigation:

Benson said her office looked forward to partnering with Nessel “on this critical investigation into the real fraud that took place in 2020: efforts to deceive Michigan citizens about their vote with misleading, false statements about the accuracy & integrity of our elections.”

Here is DePerno’s response to the Nessel-Benson investigation; it’s the kind of response that rank-in-file Republicans in Michigan might have expected from McBroom and other of their RINO state legislators (this means you, Sen. Mike Shirkey, among others):

Dana Nessel is a lawless Marxist. She is trying to stop our investigation into election fraud. She is also opposing counsel in the case Bailey v Antrim County and Jocelyn Benson. She is now using the power of the police state and her to actively investigate opposing counsel. This is unethical, unconstitutional, and criminal (see MCL 750.505). Dana Nessel must resign immediately for her unethical conduct.

And here are excerpts from a response to McBroom’s letter by former Michigan Representative Patrick Colbeck (R):

  • The report consistently repeats the flawed assertion that the integrity of the election can be demonstrated simply by running ballots through the tabulator. Using their logic, if the tabulation yields the same results as the tape printouts from election day, then all is good. No wonder they equate recounting ballots with an audit. Anyone who understands how elections are conducted, however, knows that the integrity of any election is dependent upon much, much more than a successful tabulation of the ballots at hand. In order to demonstrate the integrity of an election, it is critical that the chain of custody for election materials is maintained. That is why it is a federal felony to destroy election records within 22 months of an election. Yet, the report asserts that insisting that election officials demonstrate that the chain of custody has been secured is “incredibly misleading, demeaning, and irresponsible.” I would assert that the exact opposite of this is true. Fraudulent voters in the Qualified Voter File result in fraudulent voters in Poll Books. Fraudulent voters in Poll Books results in fraudulent ballots being issued. Fraudulent ballots being issued results in fraudulent election results. Not a difficult concept to grasp for most reasonable observers. Demonstration of the integrity of the chain of custody is an important factor in the call by citizens for a forensic audit. The report’s dismissal of the importance of the chain of custody demonstrates why the pursuit of a forensic audit has been dismissed by members of the Michigan Senate. Their failure to understand the importance of the chain of custody is a serious issue.

  • The Committee appears to be operating under an extremely unique definition of “election fraud” that dismissed any evidence of fraud if it did not add up to the 154,188 votes promoted as the margin of victory for Joe Biden. This failure of reasoning dismisses the cumulative effect of breaches in the chain of custody and violations of existing statute.

The rest of Colbeck’s exhaustive response is broken down into comparing “the big lie” from the McBroom report versus “the big truth” in the following categories:

  • Deceased and Non-Residents Voting
  • Unsolicited Absentee Voter Ballot and Application Mass Mailings
  • 3rd Party/Private Funds Used for Public Election Activities and Equipment
  • Rights and Duties of Poll Challengers/Watchers Improperly and Unlawfully Restricted
  • Antrim County Results
  • Operating Issues with Tabulators and Precinct Computers
  • Signature Verification Process
  • Jurisdictions Reporting More Than 100% Voter Turnout
  • Absentee Ballots Tabulated Multiple Times
  • Thousands of Ballots “Dumped” at the TCF Center on Election Night/The Next Morning
  • Vote Totals Abnormal Compared to Past Presidential Election and Other Vote Count Irregularities
  • Other Irregularities
  • Additional Issues
  • Audits

Think that is enough to both debunk McBroom’s report and to warrant a full forensic audit in Michigan? There is even more! Here’s an excerpt from an affidavit from Wayne County precinct supervisor and whistleblower Keith Kaminski showing that there were indeed write-in votes that were never included (or were falsely adjudicated) in Precinct 374 in Detroit:

According to the official results, there were ZERO write-in votes for that precinct. It is also pretty strange that Biden got 95% of the votes in that district. This table is for the entire city of Detroit. There were no write-in votes for any and all races in the Detroit results. That means adjudication was not being used (as Kaminsky realized after the election).

Retired senior DoD analyst Ray Blehar recently provided some additional justification for conducting a forensic audit in Michigan. Here are a few excerpts from his findings:

  • The official results also show that NO WRITE-IN votes were recorded for any of the contests held in the November 2020 election. This is smoking gun evidence of an Election Management System (EMS) failure in the City of Detroit.

  • It is possible that all write-ins were coded on the ballot definition file assigned to Biden because he got an incredible 95% of the vote. For example, let’s say Biden is assigned a numerical ID of 75 on the Detroit ballot. The Detroit ballot would then have also assigned number 75 to every write-in slot in every race in the election. That would cause every write-in vote to bypass adjudication and be directly assigned to Biden.

  • [The McBroom} report repeats the false statements that the Antrim County, Michigan vote switching problem was caused by “human error.” Three different forensic audits, including that of the Michigan SOS, refuted the “human error” argument and instead attributed the vote shifts to the voting systems. The Michigan SOS forensic audit (aka, Halderman),  the Allied Security Operations Group(ASOG) audit, and a review by expert Jeffrey Lenberg confirm that votes were wrongly shifted in the election due to software issues.

  • The official election results transmission from Michigan reveals that a vote spike of 149,772 total votes — 135,290 or 95% of them for Biden and 5,968 votes (4%) for Trump — occurred approximately 3 hours after the delivery of votes (6:30 AM) on November 4, 2021.   This is the single most anomalous data point in the 2020 election.

  • McBroom tried to down play the size of the 3am vote dump, alleging it may have been 16k according to one election official while others said it was 30-45k ballots in size. The Edison results show it was 149,772 with Biden getting 96%. McBroom was completely obfuscating the significance of this anomalous vote dump.

  • The Non-Trump/Biden (aka Write-In, Minor Party or WIMP) vote of 2,546 is over half of Trump’s total of 5,968 votes in the dump. That too is a suspicious result.

Blehar concludes: “[the McBroom report] wasn’t attempting to find out the facts about the 2020 election – they were using false information in order to sweep the massive voting fraud in Detroit and elsewhere in Michigan under the rug.” And the big question is why because there are more than enough reasons to justify a full forensic audit in Michigan! Some serious accountability is required for at least a few elected Republicans, not to mention the likes of Democrats Gretchen Whitmer, Jocelyn Benson, and Dana Nessel.

Over to you, Michiganders, for more grassroots pressure and action…

The end.


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