About Undermining Democrat-Implemented Theft (AUDIT) of Elections

Shhh! You can’t say “election frxxd” in public without being branded a kook or a conspiracy theorist by the legacy media and Democrats (but you can say “fortified“), so we have to resort to acronyms such as the newly-coined “AUDIT” to secretly pass the word along. And there really is a lot of information to pass along about what’s been happening in a number of states in recent days on the AUDIT-of-elections front. Here are some miscellaneous items on which to ruminate:

Arizona. The back-and-forth between Arizona State Senate President Karen Fann and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors continues. County Recorder Stephen Richer made the following comments at the Board of Supervisors meeting on Monday:

The County won’t offer access to the routers — Richer claims the Senate has no reason to request them.

He reiterated that the County does not have the Dominion machine passwords and stated that the passwords were given to the logic & accuracy systems testers, Pro V&V and SLI, by Dominion. Although, the Pro V&V President recently stated that Dominion did not give them any passwords, the County provided the passwords and they were super user passwords, not admin passwords.

Watch the whole meeting here if you have the stomach for their back-slapping and chutzpah. You may wish to fast-forward to the 51-minute mark to watch State GOP Chairman Dr. Kelli Ward provide excellent insight into what is really going on in the battle between the Arizona senate and the Maricopa Board of Supervisors, including during an interview by Dinesh D’Souza:

One element of the Arizona “ballot count verification process” (bowing to the Democrats’ hyperallergic reaction to that “A word”) involves sifting through duplicate ballots. As described in this OANN interview with Ken Bennett, the former AZ secretary of state overseeing the process, duplicates ballots are generated when spoiled or damaged ballots are received, at which point the voter’s selections are transferred to a new/clean ballot that can be then machine-counted. Duplicate ballots are supposed to be maintained along with the original spoiled/damaged ballots for the purposes of re-counts, as well as to ensure that there is no double-counting of ballots. According to Bennett, there is an entire pallet of these duplicate ballots that need to be processed, probably totally tens of thousands of ballots:

Michigan. Matthew DePerno rolls on in Antrim County with startling new revelations resulting from forensic analysis and independent testing:

Antrim County Forensic Analysis (Credit: @mdeperno)

[above figure extracted from the below tweet for easier reading]

If “votes can be flipped” at the tabulator level in Antrim County, what prevents votes from being flipped in any county in the US that uses the same kinds of equipment? Major national implications!

Despite the above facts, on Tuesday, a Michigan judge dismissed DePerno’s case on yet another ruling of standing/process/sufficiency. When will the facts and evidence ever receive a fair hearing in a court of law?

Elsenheimer, the judge, stressed in the courtroom that his ruling was not about testing facts, but about testing the legal sufficiency of the claims brought by Bailey. He said the ruling did not mean that election machines were not corrupted or corruptable. It also did not mean that there were no problems in the way the county conducted the election, he added.

Deperno plans on appealing the ruling and filing additional related lawsuits.

National. A fascinating timeline developed by Arizona-based Runbeck Election Services, Inc., provides insight into the vote-by-mail process planned out by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the Elections Infrastructure Coordinating Council, and the Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Committee in the Dept of Homeland Security. Here is one screenshot from that timeline:

Vote-By-Mail Project Timeline (Credit: Runbeck)

Runbeck allegedly partnered with Dominion Systems and handled a LOT of mail-in ballots during the 2020 election, including for Fulton County (GA), Maricopa County (AZ), and Tarrant County (TX). Here is a September 2020 article from AZ Central that proves a good overview of what Runbeck does. You might remember that CISA put out that 12 November statement that there was “no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.” I guess they missed this August 2020 Washington Examiner report about “ballot errors, theft, harvesting, and dumping.” And it makes one wonder if these DHS folks have spoken with Matthew DePerno lately! In any event, the Runbeck vote-by-mail timeline indicates a turnkey mail-in ballot operation: print, mail, receive, sort, and tabulate (in partnership with Dominion Systems). What do you suppose they did with ballots received that were marked “Return to Sender”? Maybe an AUDIT-of-election can find out the answer!

New HampshireA “ballot count verification process” is underway in Windham, New Hampshire, that focuses on the ballot-counting machines and memory cards used during the 2020 general election in Windham, as well as a hand tabulation of ballots for a state representative, governor, and U.S. senator races after a recount established discrepancies between vote totals.” An excellent update on the process underway in Windham as of Monday can be found here.

Pennsylvania. Fayette County (PA) reported problems in scanning Republican ballots in local and primary elections. Two observations: (1) why do these kinds of problems only seem to happen to Republican ballots? (2) Any ballot sent to adjudication – regardless of reason – could easily be manipulated/miscounted/ignored. Citizens in Pennsylvania have filed a petition to conduct a “ballot count verification process” similar to Arizona’s.

Wisconsin. The state legislature’s Joint Legislative Audit Committee has officially announced their own “ballot count verification process” despite zero support from elected Democrats:

Democrats voted against the measure unanimously, warning that an audit will erode trust in the system.

So the Democrats continue to claim that “ballot count verification processes” will erode public trust in the system? Hmmm. With Democrats, one always has to parse their words very carefully to discern the correct meaning. What they really mean is that, in an attempt to discredit them in the public consciousness, such post-election actions will be vociferously disparaged by Democrats and their agitprop media allies. While the Democrats fight AUDIT-of-elections everywhere, their important post-election dilemma needs to be told and re-told to all Americans who will listen:

Democrats argue that The Hologram won the election overwhelmingly. One would think that they would be delighted to stick it to Republicans politically by conducting a forensic audit that would prove their case and embarrass anyone supporting former President Trump’s “The Big Lie” claim. That proof would also destroy Trump’s credibility completely, making it impossible for him to mount any kind of comeback in 2024. Isn’t that exactly what the Democrats have been trying to do over the past four years through their various hoaxes and impeachment gambits, i.e., to finally “get rid of Trump”?

And so the story continues despite Democrat-media efforts to suppress the news. There will be more AUDIT-of-election information as it becomes available.

The end.


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