Red-Pilled by The Hologram

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

One hundred days into the bait-and-switch presidency, the “America Last” doctrine of The Hologram and his ChiCom-compromised administration is red-pilling Americans with each passing day – at least those who are not themselves compromised and/or Communists like those associated with the Black Lives Matter movement. Here is a short list of the America Last policies implemented to date (not all-inclusive by any means):

  • Locking down the Capitol like the average Third World/Communist dictatorship
  • Holding 6 January activists in solitary confinement without charges
  • Opening the Mexican border to a flood of illegal aliens (and all the drug and human trafficking, spreading of diseases including the ChiCom virus, and surge in criminal activity)
  • Pushing continued mask mandates despite CDC guidance and studies showing they’re ineffective
  • Busting the budget with a virus relief bill of which only 9% actually goes to people affected, with another $6 trillion (!!) in porkulus promised during his gaffe-filled speech on Wednesday
  • Proposed gargantuan tax increases that will destroy economic growth
  • Pursuing Green New Deal-related policies via executive orders and the administrative state instead of Congress
  • Targeting of Democrat political enemies by DoJ and the FBI
  • Pushing a narrative of systemic police violence against black Americans without evidence
  • Destroying the military from within through Marxist-inspired Critical Race Theory training,
  • Ruling by executive order without the promised bipartisanship,
  • Etc.

Gasoline and commodity prices are already rising, and it’s early! Food price inflation is in process, too. And federal taxes will skyrocket if the Biden and the Democrats have their way. How does that benefit the average American? [Where is the Republican pushback, anyway?!?!]

The Democrat modus operandi is being exposed on a daily basis, and their goals are not those that most Americans support. And their tactics are obvious, too. What have we learned in three and a half short months?

  1. Everything is political to Democrats; the good of the country is secondary to the good of the Democrat Party and individual Democrats. It is all about authoritarian control, with them calling the shots.
  2. Democrats cover for each other at all times. Under virtually every circumstance, they will not throw a fellow Democrat under the bus and will excuse virtually every possible transgression, no matter how egregious. Think about Eric Swalwell (D-CA) consorting with a suspect ChiCom spy, and yet he is still on the House Intelligence Committee
  3. Character and ethics are non-existent in the Democrat Party. If they existed, Andrew Cuomo and the rest of the “nursing home Democrat governors” would have been run out of town on a rail (and brought up on charges) long ago.
  4. Democrat allies in the media are expected to cover for any gaffes or mistakes, or at least to limit the political damage to the Democrat Party from such errors. The endless excuses for The Hologram’s gaffes and Jenn Psaki’s “circling around” nonsense are cases in point.
  5. Two of the Democrats’ favorite political tactics are class envy and bigotry. Class envy is one of the two foundations of the modern Democratic Party’s soul (identity politics being the other) and is purposely very divisive. It is a tool that exploits happy people who were previously neither aware of their forced group membership nor of their antipathy toward other groups. Black Lives Matter capitalizes on class envy and bigotry to advance their anti-American agenda. When was the last time an elected Democrat has condemned BLM objectives and domestic terrorism? BLM – and Antifa – are useful political tools of the Democrats. They are modern-day Brown Shirts – the Sturmabteilung of the Democrat Party.
  6. Democrats pervert the language, including inventing new terms and flip-flopping the meanings of others, to suit their political objectives. Examples abound: Nazis are “conservatives,” “gay” instead of “homosexual,” “McCarthyism” used as a pejorative despite his fundamental belief being proven true that there were Commies in the U.S. government, the term “social justice” masking a socialist campaign, etc. And then there are the Orwellian names for their socialist legislation: “Affordable Care Act,” which masked the unaffordable socialist medical nonsense of Obamacare. Or how about The Hologram’s “American Rescue Plan” being sold as a virus relief bill that is anything but, and is instead filled with pork for Democrat constituencies.
  7. Democrats are tyrannical—some benign, some purposely trying to change things to the detriment of us all. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are perfect examples; their public pronouncements are classic authoritarianism. They think they know better than the rest of us and by their ostensible intelligence believe that they have every right to call the shots. They make perfect bureaucrats because they just “follow the rules” until the results are indistinguishable from evil.
  8. Democrats are legalistic by nature; for them, it is all about process and delay when it suits their political objectives. Democrats have protected the use of lawfare to obstruct the policies of Republican presidents (we saw endless lawsuits by Democrat activists during the Trump administration).
  9. Democrat-sponsored reforms aren’t focused on actually improving outcomes. Rather than helping people become productive, self-sufficient, and taxpaying citizens, Democrats shove as many people as possible into dependency on the “government,” which enhances their political power since Democrats are the party of government. That’s what the porkulus spending bills are all about. And that’s exactly what the open borders malarkey is all about: creating a new class of dependent people that Democrats will exploit politically.
  10. No political tactic is too vile or unseemly to be used by a Democrat, and no topic is out of bounds if it furthers anything in the Democrats’ agenda. Democrat political rule #1: anything is game in the pursuit of political power. Democrat political rule #2: throw it out there, and if it sticks, keep running with it. Examples abound: the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, Ukraine phone call hoax, the “insurrection,” etc.

The list is virtually endless. One of President Trump’s best political accomplishments was to expose all of the above for regular Americans to see. The contrast of his America First policies with those of the “America Last” garbage of The Hologram could not be starker. Another most valuable service was his exposure of the entire legacy media as nothing more than an agitprop appendage of the Democrat Party. No thinking American will trust the legacy media any time soon.

And the result was a ton of red-pilling during the Trump administration which is accelerating these days as Americans are finding out what the Democrats have in store. Once the truth is known, the world looks different – and that’s a great thing! May the red-pilling continue unabated for the good of the country.

The end.


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