If We Lived in a Perfect World…

  1. CNN would have been pulled from airports and other public places long ago.
  2. There would be no political censorship by Big Tech.
  3. The media would all convey truth instead of agitprop.
  4. The ChiComs would have announced who Patient Zero was before the pandemic.
  5. Politicians convicted of corruption and other crimes would be publicly pilloried.
  6. Communism and Marxist dialectics would have been debunked as quackery from the very beginning.
  7. Hillary Clinton would be in jail.
  8. Black Americans would realize that the Democrat Party has been abusing and exploiting them continuously since the days of slavery.
  9. The Democrats would admit that “Trump-Russia collusion” was a hoax.
  10. Barack and Michelle Obama would admit that they are racists.
  11. The Lincoln Project would admit that they are not Republicans.
  12. George Soros would be in jail.
  13. The globalists would give away all their money rather than hoard it. (Just how many billions does one person need?)
  14. Taxpayer funding of PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting would have ended long ago.
  15. Native American reservations would never have been established.
  16. Hollywood would be producing patriotic movies.
  17. The Ten Commandments would never have been pulled from public schools.
  18. Clapper, Comey, and Brennan would be in jail.
  19. Donald Trump would still be in the Oval Office (with no election fraud).
  20. Abortion would still be illegal except for extreme cases.
  21. Andrew Cuomo would have been removed from office long ago.
  22. No Hollywood star would ever be heard from again testifying before Congress on something about which they know nothing.
  23. Al Gore and Greta Thunberg et al. would be outed as charlatans.
  24. Barack Obama would produce his original birth certificate.
  25. Lebron James would never again receive another endorsement contract.
  26. Nancy Pelosi would have been voted out of office years ago.
  27. The wall on the southern US border would have been completed decades ago.
  28. John Kerry would be in his 45th year of making little ones out of big ones at Leavenworth. (I like that number.)
  29. Maxine Waters would have already been committed to an insane asylum.
  30. All federal forms would be English-only.
  31. The US dollar would be backed by gold, just as it was for most of the country’s existence.
  32. All federal funding would be pulled from sanctuary cities and states.
  33. All federal laws would apply equally to members of Congress and the Executive Branch without exception.
  34. Free speech would be restored in all colleges and universities, with severe penalties for encroachment on political speech in particular.
  35. Science would confirm once and for all time that there are only two sexes: male and female.
  36. LTC Alexander Vindman would have been court-martialed in 2019.
  37. All of Obama’s records would be unsealed.
  38. Any public school pushing Project 1619, critical race theory, and other cultural Marxist curricula would lose federal and state funding.
  39. Planned Parenthood would never again receive another taxpayer dollar.
  40. McCain-Feingold would be repealed and all “nonprofit” organizations except for churches and charities would lose their tax-exempt status.
  41. The Federal Reserve would undergo a complete and independent audit.
  42. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 would be repealed, and all social media companies would be regulated like public utilities.
  43. Federal agencies would be downsized, decentralized, and relocated outside of the District of Columbia.
  44. No more voice votes would be allowed in Congress – only rollcall votes in order for citizens to learn how their representatives vote on all matters.
  45. All federal agencies would return exclusively to merit-based promotions. (“Affirmative action” rules would be repealed.)
  46. Unions would be precluded from any political activities other than for collective bargaining.
  47. Revisions to libel laws would make it easier to sue media for demonstrably false and inflammatory “news” articles.
  48. All Marxist terminology would be removed from all federal laws, documents, instructions, and other written materials promulgated by federal agencies.
  49. Federal funding would be pulled from any city or state that does not enforce local public safety and private property protection laws with a nationwide goal to eliminate violent riots by arresting and prosecuting all perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law.
  50. Those military members who openly support Black Lives Matter would be court-martialed for violating their sworn oaths to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

If only….

The above is just a starter list. What would you like to see added to it?

The end.


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