Some Tough Questions for the Political Class

As bitter partisans and Democrat Party sycophants, the White House press corps is a joke – and has been for years. The legacy media commentators and contributors on network news are perhaps even worse. We have watched over four years of attacks and slander on a political outsider president. We have watched them cover the lies and perfidy of the political class and Deep State while throwing ridiculous, misleading, and misinformed questions at President Trump at every turn. Interviews with Democrats are filled with inanities and softball questions; no difficult questions are ever asked of these people – whether Democrats, RINOs, or members of the Deep State. Can’t ask anything that might embarrass them, don’t ya know? It is maddening!

A few days ago, I compiled a list of questions that the execrable media have failed to ask Dr. Fauci, despite the numerous opportunities to confront him during his constant press appearances over the past year. The remainder of this article is devoted to a list of pointed questions that somehow never get asked of other members of the American political class. Let’s get started.

Mitch McConnell. McConnell and company failed to give 75 million people a fair hearing into election irregularities by using the excuse of the events of 6 January to bypass debate on election fraud before “certifying” the Electoral College votes for The Hologram. He has subsequently stated that he will vote for Biden’s attorney general nominee, Merrick Garland, despite Garland’s anti-gun and pro-Antifa proclivities. Questions for him abound: (1) Why did you bail on President Trump, who helped you win reelection in November? (2) Why are you voting for Garland against the wishes of your own constituents who are pro-2A and pro-law-and-order? (3) Why are you unwilling to examine the evidence of election fraud? (4) Why do you insist on calling 6 January an “armed insurrection” incited by President Trump when only a single shot was fired (by police at a Trump supporter)?

Nancy Pelosi. In the aftermath of the 6 January events, her father’s involvement with Communists and brother’s involvement in pedophilia (rape of two juveniles) has become known, as the FBI released documents detailing investigations completed in the 1960s. Communist roots run deep. Questions: (1) What did you know about your father’s Communist ties, and when did you know it? (2) As someone with responsibility for Capitol Hill security, as well as being privy to intelligence as a member of the “Gang of Eight,” what did you (or any of your staffers) know about the intelligence and planning for 6 January, and when did you know it? (3) Were you involved in the decision-making process that led to inadequate defense of Capitol Hill on 6 January? (4) What was your involvement in the decision-making process to plan for and deploy National Guard troops to Washington, DC? (5) What is the reason for keeping the wall/barricades in Washington, DC?

John Thune. Thune has been a NeverTrumper since the 2016 Republican primaries and has never endorsed President Trump’s election or reelection. He now defends fellow senators who voted to convict President Trump, falsely claiming that Trump supporters are engaging in the “cancel culture” by targeting those senators for primary actions. Questions: (1) Since your constituents voted overwhelming to reelect President Trump, why did you not support an examination of election fraud evidence in the several states? (2) Similarly, why are you supporting other senators who voted against the express wishes of your own constituents to convict the president? (3) Given your own constituents’ preferences, why are you claiming that Mitch McConnell is the “titular head of the Republican Party”? (4) Do you represent your constituents’ interests or those of your donors?

Andrew Cuomo. The dam has broken in the media about Cuomo’s no good very bad decision to shove virus-infected New Yorkers into nursing homes. Even Democrats are piling on, demanding that his emergency powers be removed, that he be censured, or even impeached for his actions. Questions: (1) Will you resign from office? (2) Will you admit that your nursing home decision was uninformed? (3) What science supports your draconian lockdowns and social distancing measures implemented in the state of New York?

Liz Cheney. Cheney is the number three-ranked member of the House Republican caucus. She voted to impeach President Trump despite the fact that her state (Wyoming) overwhelmingly voted for the president. She has subsequently been censured, and a primary challenge has already been mounted against her. She is now pushing for a 911-style commission to investigate the Capitol Hill riot to help cover her tracks. Questions: (1) Why did you vote against your constituents’ interests, especially when the facts about 6 January were not in evidence? (2) Given what has been subsequently learned about the involvement of Antifa, as well as the causes and circumstances of the deaths incurred on 6 January, have you changed your mind about your impeachment vote? (3) Given your current favorability rating of less than 15% in Wyoming, are you considering retiring from Congress? (4) Why shouldn’t you step down from all of your leadership and committee assignments in the House?

Kamala Harris. Harris supported bail for rioters in 2020. Questions: (1) Since bail is given only to people accused of crimes, aren’t you literally aiding and abetting criminal conduct when some of those who received bail were rearrested (as a former prosecutor, you would know this)? (2) Do you consider Trump supporters to be “domestic terrorists”? Why not (either way)? (3) Do you support the loss of 10,000+ blue-collar jobs associated with canceling the nearly-completed Keystone XL pipeline? (4) Since you support the “Green New Deal,” do you support the inevitable higher gasoline and natural gas prices that Americans will be forced to pay?

SCOTUS Judges. Six Supreme Court judges voted to not review key election fraud cases in several swing states. Questions: (1) Why won’t you allow the actual evidence of fraud to be heard? Why did you dodge the most important cases of our times? (2) How does your vote to decline those cases instill confidence in America’s voting system in future elections? (3) What is the difference between stealing elections with fraudulent votes and stealing merchandise with counterfeit money? (4) Does the Constitution’s language on the exclusive responsibility that state legislatures have to write state election laws still pertain? If not, why not? (5) Why are clearly unconstitutional election laws in the several states allowed to stand?

Questions for A Few Others.

  1. Susan Collins. President Trump helped you get reelected (he was the difference in your victory). Why did you stab him in the back and vote to convict him in a clearly unconstitutional action?
  2. Lisa Murkowski, Bill Cassidy, Ben Sasse, and Mitt Romney. Your constituents overwhelmingly voted to reelect President Trump. Why did you vote against their wishes to convict him in a clearly unconstitutional action?
  3. Eric Swalwell. After having an affair with a ChiCom operative, why should you remain a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence?
  4. Chuck Schumer. Why are you dodging questions on the Cuomo nursing home scandal? What did you know about the planning and intelligence leading up to the events of 6 January, and when did you know it? Are you a sexual predator?
  5. Gavin Newsom. Will you resign from office if/when the California recall signatures are verified in sufficient numbers? How can deeply in-debt California afford state stimulus checks for California residents?

The list could go on and on. If only we had real journalists asking real questions of everyone in the political class! I will save my list for The Hologram for next time.

The end.


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