35 Questions for Dr. Fauci

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Every American knows who Dr. Anthony Fauci is; after all, he has been a fixture in the legacy media since the start of the “pandemic” early last year. For those tiny few who don’t, here is what his updated Wikipedia entry says:

Anthony Stephen Fauci … is an American physician-scientist and immunologist serving as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984 and chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden since 2021.

Fauci was one of the lead members of the Trump administration’s White House Coronavirus Task Force addressing the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. Fauci is one of the world’s leading experts on infectious diseases, and during the early stages of the pandemic, The New Yorker and The New York Times described Fauci as one of the most trusted medical figures in the United States.

Dr. Fauci has become the face and voice of the virus, with dozens of pronouncements over the past year on what Americans should and shouldn’t do. Many of his statements have been contradictory to the point that I (and probably many others) am confused about official virus-related policies from the federal government. Accordingly, I have a few simple questions to put to him that would clarify matters bigly:

  1. Why is there virtually no incidence of seasonal influenza (“flu”) this year? The low incidence of flu cases this year is unprecedented.
  2. Why has the federal government not made a major push on comprehensive personal measures for improving one’s immune system other than a few anecdotal comments?
  3. What is the US government’s position on the use of therapeutic drugs like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin given their successful use in many countries?
  4. Why has there been a 77% decline in virus cases in the US over the past six weeks?
  5. Would herd immunity have been achieved faster without the mandatory masking and social distancing of the vast majority of Americans who are almost impervious to the effects of the virus? If not, why not? Explain cases and deaths comparisons in no lockdown Sweden versus total lockdown United Kingdom.
  6. How did the various vaccines receive emergency approval given the existence of therapeutic treatments that work against the virus?
  7. How do vaccines receive emergency approval for use when human trials have not been completed?
  8. Will the vaccine stop the spread of the virus and protect those who are unvaccinated (you’ve been on both sides of that argument)? Why?
  9. What is your position on Gov. Cuomo’s direction to send infected people into New York nursing homes?
  10. Are vaccines triggering new variants of the virus?
  11. Why is Wuhan Institute of Virology continuing to be subsidized by US taxpayers through 2024 by the National Institute of Health? What is your relationship with WIV now?
  12. Do those who are fully vaccinated need to quarantine after exposure to COVID-19 or not (you’ve argued both sides)?
  13. Since school-age children are not transmission vectors for the virus, why hasn’t the federal government pushed for opening school systems across the country?
  14. What is the science behind the wearing of masks (including double masks!) given many studies to the contrary and the lack of uniform direction on the proper wearing of masks?
  15. Why are PCR tests for COVID continuing to be administered when they produce false positives for influenza-A and influenza-B? Does the CDC even have a viable sample of the COVID virus? This incredible video from a clinical lab scientist pertains:
  16. What is your position on vaccines now, as you once claimed that everyone needed to be vaccinated and now apparently that there will be herd immunity in the US before everyone is vaccinated? What’s the science behind the current claim?
  17. What is the science behind no masks, double masks, and triple masks (which you have supported at different times over the past year)?
  18. What is your position on opening the southern border to a flood of illegal aliens, many of whom have infectious diseases including the virus?
  19. What was the purpose of National Institute of Health’s grant AI23946-08 to UNC-Chapel Hill as relates to synthetic alteration of Coronaviridae (the coronavirus family)? What was/is your association with the lead researcher/grant recipient?
  20. What was your relationship (direct or indirect) with the Wuhan Institute of Virology before July 2019? What is your present relationship with WIV?
  21. What do you know about “gain of function” experimentation on the virus? Why would it be conducted and by whom?
  22. In your professional opinion, where and how did the virus first originate?
  23. Why are Florida’s virus outcomes with a mild lockdown better than the strict lockdown states of New York and California?
  24. Why were virus test cycles reduced after the inauguration?
  25. Why was the high cycle rate of the PCR test not addressed early on, knowing that it gave false results?
  26. What is the true/accurate number of Americans who have died from (i.e., because of) the virus?
  27. Why are COVID cases counted differently than cases during past viral outbreaks?
  28. Why are Americans who are not in risk groups (i.e., the elderly or those with “co-morbidities”) not allowed to resume their lives? What is the science behind the continued lockdowns of these people?
  29. Why is personal risk not a factor in Americans’ decision-making with respect to social distancing and wearing masks?
  30. How many Americans have died due to increased incidence of suicides, drug overdoses, and other factors associated with the lockdowns across the country?
  31. Is it true that all of the approved vaccines are in fact considered “experimental”? If so, what liabilities do the pharmaceutical companies have associated with adverse reactions to the vaccines?
  32. Have vaccines without actual “weakened viruses” ever been administered to humans before? Why not?
  33. What clinical trials were conducted by CDC/NIH on the use of existing therapeutics such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin? If conducted, what were the conditions/circumstances/results? In particular, what was the result of administering the therapeutics in early stages of the virus infection?
  34. What is your position on organizations such as America’s Frontline Doctors, Children’s Health Defense (dot org), and a host of immunologists and physicians who advise against being vaccinated with mRNA vaccines due to lack of human trials and potential adverse impact on human DNA?
  35. Does a doctor’s Hippocratic Oath and associated ethics in treating their patients take precedence over government-mandated treatments associated with this virus? If not, why?

There are bound to be other questions along these lines, but I would dearly love to see Dr. Fauci cut through the Democrat-media fog and provide direct answers to these queries, wouldn’t you?

The end.



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