It’s Not Even Close to Being Over – Not by a Long Shot!

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I forced myself to listen to parts of Dementia Joe’s “victory speech” yesterday and found myself shouting at his blatant lies. The most egregious was that he claimed that when all the ballots are counted, he will have received the most in presidential history (paraphrasing). That’s even a bigger lie than Hillary claiming she won the popular vote in 2016. [By the way, how does her claim look in retrospect after what we’ve witnessed in terms of MASSIVE voter fraud and ballot harvesting in Democrat-run swing states over the past two days?]

The reality is that President Trump won in a landslide. Even the Las Vegas betting odds switched to him Tuesday night after he built substantial leads in swing states by midnight on Election Day. Unfortunately, they didn’t account for Dementiacrat ballot harvesting in those states!

Late on Election Day, President Trump was ahead to the point of statistical certainty that he would win Wisconsin, NC, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Nevada (all swing states). Then, the Democrat governors in those states magically stopped the vote counting in the middle of the night:

Election night Tuesday, at about midnight on the East Coast, Trump led in all the battleground states by decent margins. The betting odds were more than 75% for Trump to win. Then, for some unexplainable reason, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Nevada all seemingly stopped counting votes simultaneously, in unison. They took a “pause” at around 1 a.m. None of those states reported any additional votes for the next three hours.

Somehow, sufficient ballots were “found” to put Biden over the top in several of those states (with more movement toward Biden coming in the rest for those “found ballots”). Many of those bunches of ballots “found” were exclusively marked for Biden – a statistical impossibility.

The turnout in those swing states far exceeded historical norms – another “statistical anomaly” and a clear indication of ballot harvesting and voter fraud. There are no such things as coincidences, especially in politics!

President Trump was up in those swing states by large margins with on average less than a quarter of the votes/ballots remaining to be counted. That Biden was able to make up the difference in those states was statistically impossible, too – another indication of fraud.

The Trump campaign is pursuing different strategies in those swing states (plus Arizona and Georgia) to protect the integrity of the vote – and to expose the fraudulent ballots that were submitted by Democrat operatives on Biden’s behalf.

As an aside, a valid vote is a certified one cast by a registered US citizen. A ballot, on the other hand, is a piece of paper that is not certified and could be filled out by ANYONE for anybody, including on behalf of dead people. Think that’s crazy because you’ve read a number of articles in the legacy media over the past several months (here, here, and here) that claimed to debunk the assertion that “dead people vote”? Well, here’s just one example from one of those mailed-in ballots this year in Michigan:

Do you seriously believe that that fraudulent ballot associated with a dead person is an anomaly and just the only one? Please. And the Democrats harvested those fraudulent ballots in the swing states. That means that the integrity of the vote in those swing states was purposely destroyed by Democrats in their quest for political power. So much for their caterwauling during the impeachment farce about “preserving the integrity of the vote”! Remember that lie as they claimed that President Trump was hopelessly compromised through alleged Russian collusion and that he would allow the Russians to tamper with the 2020 vote?

In considering what to do at this point to “right the ship”, as we like to say in the Navy, let’s consider the following for a moment. President Trump knows that Hillary Clinton didn’t win the popular vote in 2016 (as she has repeatedly claimed since she was beaten) thanks to voter fraud, which has been a bur under his saddle for four long years. He knew that the Democrats would put the 2016 voter fraud on steroids for 2020.

President Trump even told us during the campaign to expect “massive corruption” (“millions of fake ballots”). Here is what he tweeted out back in June.

He repeated that over and over during campaign appearances and in public statements. How does that claim look now in the light of massive voter fraud being uncovered across the nation? And that means he knew and EXPECTED that what is happening would indeed transpire, i.e., that massive ballot harvesting and voter fraud was perpetrated by Democrat operatives in many states.

Knowing what we now know about the fighter who is our president, what is the likelihood that he – knowing what to expect and then telling us he knew it was coming – would not do anything about it, or have any plan to counteract and capitalize on it? Answer: zero. We can’t know for sure yet what is in play, but President Trump has been ahead of the opposition (including those in his own Party), strategy-wise, from the moment he walked down the escalator in 2015 to the present day.

The President doesn’t not convey any sense of worry – even now. He reminds me of the Cheshire cat. What does he know that we don’t know at this point?

Consider this: what if he’s been playing the long game on the issue of voter fraud all along by setting a trap to expose massive Democrat voter fraud in multiple states as a conspiracy/RICO crime with an objective of changing the US voting system to remove any possibility of fraud/corruption?

The Democrats have been hiding behind their claim that strong voter ID is equivalent to voter suppression for years, and many minority Americans in particular have bought into that lie. In reality, that lie has masked the very voter fraud we see in evidence in 2020. It would require exposure of a massive Democrat voter fraud conspiracy in multiple states, as well as its coordination by the DNC and others, for the American people to DEMAND that the problem be fixed. And that is almost certainly what will be exposed in the days and weeks to come!

That is the kind of strategic thinker President Trump is. He thinks BIG! He is not merely focused on the tactical victory of winning this election but is also working to solve a long-standing problem that has corrupted our political system for decades. What a boon to the nation that would be if he can fix that problem!

The notion that the Democrat Party is a “majority party” is a myth that voter fraud has helped them and their sycophants in the media propagate for decades. Remove voter fraud from the equation – and the corruption it exacerbates – and the Democrat Party will be relegated to the radical rump party that it truly is.

Dealing with voter fraud in the US is VERY similar to the strategy that he and his team are implementing to box in Communist China and let the air out of Xi’s balloon (and which has Biden and the China hands so apoplectic because their bribery cash cow is being destroyed). Think big!

I have abiding faith in the President. When he starts to worry about this election – and that worry is visibly in evidence – then I will start to be concerned. The rest is theater. Keep the faith, and support our President!

The end.


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