BOMBSHELL: Federal Court Orders Deposition of Hillary Clinton on Emails and Benghazi

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Hillary Clinton has escaped the hoosegow for decades; the string of her perfidy is a mile long. Here are just a few events for which the hangman has passed her by (so far):

  • Cattle futures speculation
  • Clinton Foundation money-laundering
  • The Haitian squeeze play (Clinton Global Initiative-related)
  • Uranium One
  • Benghazi gun-running
  • Emailgate pay-for-play

But hey! Those last two might be back in play thanks to Judicial Watch. A federal court announced today that Hillary Clinton has been ordered by Judge Royce Lambert to give a deposition on “Benghazi and emails.”

Here are the key points from Tom Fitton’s announcement today:

  • The Clinton email scandal is about mishandling classified information, destruction of records, obstruction of justice. It’s also a scandal because the State Dept and the Justice Dept helped her cover it up and let her get away with it.
  • Judicial Watch had questions for the Justice Dept lawyer involved in the email server case and the State Dept lawyer involved in our FOIA request for information on Hillary Clinton’s emails.
  • The judge was “pissed” [my words] because the governments’ lawyers were trying to shut down Judicial Watch’s case without disclosing “12 boxes of emails” that the State Dept discovered.
  • We want to know whether Hillary was gaming the system to thwart FOIA and whether any of her emails can be found at this point.
  • This is about accountability for Hillary Clinton and the Deep State.
  • We found out through discovery that the lawyer who separated out the 30,000 emails that were handed over from the 33,000 that were “discarded” wrote an after-action report about the process. The FBI didn’t provide that memo; Judicial Watch is requesting its full disclosure now.
  • There were reports that Hillary’s email guy, Paul Combetta, supposedly sent her entire email cache to an email address at Gmail that also happened to be the same email address as a Chinese company. This was discussed in a letter by Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) recently.
  • After seeing the Grassley letter that we provided, the judge said, “I want Judicial Watch to shake the tree on this new email cache that has been disclosed.”
  • This is significant new discovery, new witnesses, a new topic. Hillary herself may get deposed. And we’re doing it all over the opposition of the Justice Dept and the State Dept.
  • This is about the Benghazi scandal, too, because the judge thinks that the reason they were trying to hide the Clinton emails was because they were concerned that there might be embarrassing information about Benghazi in them. Benghazi is front and center in this FOIA case.
  • The political class says that we’re not allowed to talk about Benghazi anymore. But four Americans were needlessly killed, and they tried to cover it up and make sure that President Obama won reelection. And we’re going to find out.

We deserve to know the answers and should have gotten them long ago. More obstruction of justice (a Clinton specialty). I wonder when Hillary will discuss this turn of events on her new podcast? LMAO!

The end.


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