Kevin McCarthy Blasts San Fran Nan

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., pauses as she speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has really been stepping up his rhetoric lately and fighting back against the continuing Democrat narratives and their disrespect for the President and the American people. What a pleasant surprise that he has discovered a backbone! Judge Jeanine interviewed McCarthy on her Saturday FNC show, “Justice with Judge Jeanine.” The topic was the great week that the President had – and conversely, the no good, very bad week that the Democrats had. Let’s pick up some of the Q&A:


Pirro: … after what happened with this impeachment, it may be possible that you might be majority leader again. Do you think Americans have seen through this garbage, and they’ll put Republicans in charge of the House again so that you guys can actually work for the American people?

McCarthy: Yeah, we only need 18 seats, and the goal would be, we take Nancy Pelosi out of speaker … if people want to join us, go to … but just imagine the last week. The President’s amazing State of the Union (SOTU). Acquitted for life the next day. Killing another terrorist. One of the best jobs numbers one more time – that we have one of the strongest economies. And the Democrats week? They had a problem with turnout in Iowa, they had a temper tantrum by the Speaker, and then the truth came forward on impeachment. What a great contrast between the two! That’s why we only need 18 seats, but there are 30 Democrats who are presently sitting in seats [in districts] that President Trump carried.

Pirro: I can’t help but think as I watched the SOTU … and, by the way, I was happy that he did what he did the next day. I was happy because of what he’s been through over three years. With that SOTU, Americans looked at their elected officials sitting on their hands, not clapping, not standing up for things that any American would be in support of: Tuskegee airman … the fact that a young African-American girl from a poor neighborhood gets a school scholarship … and I could go on and on. It was like they weren’t even proud to be part of the SOTU. Don’t you think Americans are fed up with that?

McCarthy: I think they’re very fed up with that because that wasn’t a Republican or Democrat speech; it was an American speech. You watched a hundred-year-old man … a Tuskegee airman in a more perfect union with his 13-year-old grandson wanting to go to space. Or a military man being reunited with his family. An opportunity scholarship. And you know what’s most unique about that opportunity scholarship? That mother is just like all of us. All she hopes for is that her child has a better life … And this president talked about those American dreams, and you watched those Democrats not even applaud, and worse. What Nancy Pelosi did was more than a temper tantrum. That was an official House document. Even if you look at those folders. That document handed to the President of the Senate – the Vice President – and handed it to the Speaker – that she’s the custodian of – a House official document. If you tear up a House document, that is a statute [violation]. You are [committing] a felony.

Pirro: You’re saying that a prosecutor can actually prosecute her for that statutory violation?

McCarthy: You know, the Attorney General should actually give an opinion because I asked a question on the floor – to the parliamentarian – was that Nancy Pelosi’s document, or was that the House document. His answer was, it was a House document. If you look at the statutes, you cannot destroy official documents of the House. They weren’t hers. And remember what she did. She pre-tore it because she was predetermined – just like she was predetermined to impeach this president regardless of what he had done. She picked her Judiciary Chairman based on who would be impeaching. Her freshmen – on the day they were sworn in – said they were gonna impeach. Her managers voted for impeachment a year before the phone call ever took place. But thank God the American public saw through this, and our President was strong enough. And what did he do during impeachment? He got us the USMCA, a China agreement, talking about world and Middle East peace. He continues to lead while the rest of the Democrats only look for one thing. They have wasted their majority, and we should change it.

Pirro: What I find curious is that she, number one, is objecting to the fact and demanding that Facebook take down clips of her ripping up the speech – interspersed with the President introducing the American success stories. It is so symbolic, her tearing up the speech. It’s like they are trying to shut down the Right’s First Amendment rights, and she wants to tell Facebook to shut it down because she doesn’t look right – it doesn’t represent her properly. Has that woman lost her marbles, or what? [Facebook has subsequently told Pelosi “no,” as reported here.]

McCarthy: I don’t know what she’s been doing, but it’s a great contrast in the upcoming race for the presidency. It’s about socialism versus freedom. Look at what this president has been able to do by giving all Americans greater freedom … the economy growth … our military is stronger … You have greater growth everywhere you look, but they want to have more control. They want to have control over the Internet, they want to have control over your lives, and they’ve got Bernie Sanders – a socialist – about to become their nominee.

Pirro: With these great job creation numbers that came out on Friday – the creation of 225,000 jobs last month – she says that the employment numbers “are the rots at the heart of the American economy.” Does this woman hate it that people can get jobs?

McCarthy: She just hates this president, but she hates more than the President. These are the people who call us deplorables. They hate you, they hate me, they hate all of us who think they want to put America first instead of blaming America first. They are going after us and the American way of life.


End of the Q&A.

Kevin McCarthy is a sort of “Caspar Milquetoast” type of a guy – mild-mannered and soft-spoken. But he knows a political winning hand when he holds one, and he hammered it home in his own way with Judge Jeanine. His painting of the 2020 campaign as being a choice between socialism and freedom is spot on, too.

But I particularly liked his suggestion that AG Barr should render an opinion on the legality of Pelosi’s tearing up an official House document. It seems to me that we need to start applying “Giuliani justice” to the political class by prosecuting them for some of their “small crimes” in order to deter the bigger ones. Pelosi would be an excellent first example to make. Time to stop her petulance and flouting of the rule of law, and then we can move on to her nepotism over the years (e.g., Paul Pelosi, Jr, in Ukraine) ….

The end.


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