2020 Campaign: Democrat Identity Politics 'Über Alles'

The Democrat Party consists of a loose collection of victims groups who practice identity politics to achieve their ends, all of whom are controlled and played off one another by a top tier of oligarchs aligned with key Democrat crime families: Clintons, Obamas, the California Five Families, the Bidens, and others. And behind the scenes are the monied interests who provide the mother’s milk – money – and in-kind support necessary for their political campaigns: Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Hollywood, media conglomerates, and assorted leftwing billionaires like George Soros.


Democrats have been exploiting and propagating the shifting tenets of cultural Marxism for decades, for example, deconstructionism, intersectionality, social justice, economic justice, and identity politics. That latter tenet has taken firm root in the Democrat Party since the civil rights era, with mushrooming “rights groups” loosely organized to exploit their identity politics as part of the Democrat coalition. Here is a useful introduction to identity politics from a leftwing blog source:

Identity politics is when people of a particular race, ethnicity, gender, or religion form alliances and organize politically to defend their group’s interests. The feminist movement, the civil rights movement, and the gay liberation movement are all examples of this kind of political organizing.

Identity politics seems to be experiencing a surge in recent times, which has led some people to decry this approach to politics, calling it divisive. Critics of identity politics claim that it only deepens the divides that exist between different groups in society—black versus white, straight versus gay, Jew versus Arab, Sunni versus Shia, Protestant versus Catholic, and so on.

With that definition in mind, let us take a stroll through the Democrats’ Star Wars bar scene (alias their candidates for president this year) to see how each appeals to the identity politics of particular segments within the Democrat coalition.


Bernie Sanders. The Democrat Party has moved far left in recent years, openly embracing socialism, including allowing a life-long self-declared “democratic socialist” (in reality, a Communist) to participate in Democrat presidential primaries in 2016 and 2020. Bernie owns the Communist core of the Democrat Party. Commies, Antifa, and other assorted leftists make up the “Bernie bros,” just as the bombshell videos of Bernie campaign workers from Project Veritas made clear in recent weeks, as reported here. He probably splits geriatric leftists with Fauxcahontas. What would the Bernie bros do if they figure out that the Democrat establishment nukes Bernie again this year?

Joe Biden. About the only identify groups that he can count on are the geriatric Democrats and some of the few moderates that he’ll split with Amy Klobuchar. He’s got deep pocket donor support, including people like John Kerry who are also deeply involved in Ukrainian corruption. Biden has no strong appeal to any of the core Democrat groups motivated by identity politics, which explains the poor turnout at all of his campaign stops. With a four-place finish almost certain in Iowa, he has become a “dead man walking,” politically speaking.

Elizabeth Warren. She’s got the feminist bloc wrapped up and has tried to use sexism as a weapon against Bernie Sanders in a staged confrontation captured by CNN in an “open mike moment” after a recent Democrat debate. She also has wrapped up the Native American vote (just kidding). She’s the biggest greenie among the pretenders, too, so number of the Green New Deal crowd are in her camp. The GND wackos may be a diminishing bloc, as the news that we could be in for a mini-ice age could derail their plans to destroy the economy by mandating green tech.


Pete Buttigieg. The main identity group supporting him is of course the LGBTQ crowd (a best kept secret that has been purposely obfuscated by both his campaign and the legacy media). He has some appeal to younger radical Democrats, but Bernie got to them first thanks to his 2016 campaign. But what is little known is his father’s radicalism, as reported in this Washington Examiner article in 2019: He was “a Marxist professor who spoke fondly of the Communist Manifesto and dedicated a significant portion of his academic career to the work of Italian Communist Party founder Antonio Gramsci, an associate of Vladimir Lenin.” Buttigieg likely dips into the Communist/radical leftist identity group, too, which takes votes away from Bernie.

Amy Klobuchar. She’s got the Cargill vote (corporate capitalists), appeals to Wall Street, and splits moderates with Biden. She also appeals to some of the feminazi bloc although her harsh (if not cruel) treatment of staffers gives some feminists pause for concern, as reported here.

Mike Bloomberg. Bloomberg himself represents “greenies” – not Green New Deal types, but rather the more important green – as in the color of money. He has a net worth estimated at over $60 billion, putting him in the top 15 of the wealthiest people in the world. He is a wildcard in the Democrat presidential primary, and many observers believe him to be a firewall against a Bernie candidacy since it now appears that Biden’s campaign is faltering, and the other Democrat wannabes are unelectable. Democrats seem to be warming up to Bloomberg as much because of his deep pockets as anything (the DNC is broke, for the most part), as he doesn’t appeal to any particular Democrat identity politics group other than rabid anti-Second Amendment people. Money ultimate talks bigly in the Democrat Party (that was what got Hillary Clinton the nomination in 2016, as much as anything), so as the rest of the field flounders, it will be interesting to see whether Bloomberg can pick up core support from within the traditional Democrat identity politics groups.


By the way, did you notice which identity groups are apparently up for grabs among the Democrat candidates? That would be African-Americans and Latinos. Perhaps that might explain the particular selection of the President’s campaign advertisement during the Super Bowl, as well as his recognition and rewarding of several African-Americans during his State of the Union address on Tuesday night. Both of those groups contain large culturally conservative components who have a natural affinity with Republican positions on many issues, and teh President has making inroads in both of those groups by delivering as a president for ALL of the people, not just for certain favored blocs like Democrat presidents do.

Democrat presidential candidates are all making direct appeals to radical elements of their party on all of the issues: open borders, Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and other socialist-oriented topics. The Democrats’ ideological movement leftward on all of these issues marginalizes and suppresses the few remaining moderates and culturally conservative elements of their traditional voting blocs. That’s great news for Republicans this year.

The end.


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