Planned Parenthood, Eugenics, and Murdering Down's Babies


Eugenics is a movement aimed at improving the genetic composition of the human race. The use of the word–it means “well-born”–originated in 1883 by Sir Francis Galton, a British scholar and the cousin of Charles Darwin, and it was Galton’s belief that the condition of the human race could be improved via the selective breeding of individuals possessing desired traits. This type of eugenic science is called “positive eugenics.”


While Galton’s plans never came to fruition, the United States picked up where he left off in the late 19th century. However, unlike their British counterpart, eugenicists in America adopted “negative eugenics” which focused on preventing the reproduction of people with undesirable traits. This led to the creation of the Eugenics Records Office (ERO) in 1911, and it was this office that identified the poor, those in low social standing, immigrants and minorities as unfit to procreate.

It was around this time that Margaret Sanger arrived on the scene as a birth control, population control, and eugenics activist, and she fully embraced “negative eugenics” as a basis for creating what we now know as Planned Parenthood. In her rejection of “positive eugenics,” Sanger stressed the connection between birth control and eugenics when she wrote:

“Like the advocates of Birth Control, the eugenists, for instance, are seeking to assist the race toward the elimination of the unfit. Both are seeking a single end but they lay emphasis upon different methods. Eugenics without Birth Control seems to us a house builded upon the sands. It is at the mercy of the rising stream of the unfit.”

In the 1930’s, Sanger’s created the “Negro Project“–designed to “kill off the black race”–and her ideas on eugenics inspired Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, culminating in the slaughter of over six million Jews. While Hitler was a successful murderer, gas chambers were messy and hard to hide. Today, with the advances of science, Planned Parenthood murders its victims inside the womb, making it neater and easier to hide.


The advance of technology has helped Planned Parenthood in other ways. Science now makes it easy for these murderers to identify their victims if they possess certain undesirable traits, such as: being the wrong sex, being the wrong race, or possessing so-called genetic defects such as Down’s Syndrome. And the organization founded by Hillary Clinton’s hero doesn’t like it when government interferes with their use of this technology to murder-at-will.

Planned Parenthood has teamed up with the American Civil Liberties Union in a lawsuit to have an Indiana law, which prohibits abortion for reasons of race, sex or genetic defect, thrown out. Besides banning the discriminatory practice of abortion for these reasons, House Bill 1337 also requires aborted or miscarried babies’ bodies to be disposed via humane practices of cremation or burial. Of course, any acknowledgment that an unborn baby be treated humanely implies that the baby is a person, so the motivation behind this lawsuit is crystal clear.

Unfortunately, the case is being heard by a pro-abortion Obama-appointee, Judge Tanya Walton Pratt–thank you Mitch McConnell for the 95-0 confirmation vote–so the chances are pretty good that Planned Parenthood will win. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton supports abortion anytime for any reason, and Donald Trump supports the “good work” done by Planned Parenthood.


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