BREAKING: US Navy Destroyer Shoots Down Missiles Fired by Iran-Backed Terrorists Operating in Yemen


Wednesday night, the Arleigh Burke-class Aegis-equipped guided-missile destroyer USS Carney engaged three cruise missiles and approximately eight drones launched by Iran-backed Houthi terrorists operating in Yemen. The missiles were all destroyed, as were the drones. The Carney incident is covered starting at 1:15 in the video below.


Key Facts

The USS Carney is part of the USS Gerald Ford carrier strike group. The Ford was on station in the Mediterranean when Hamas terrorists invaded Israel on October 7 and slaughtered over a thousand civilians. The Ford was on the cusp of rotating home upon being relieved by the USS Eisenhower carrier strike group. The Ford's stay has since been extended

The Carney transited through Suez into the Red Sea on Wednesday afternoon.

It appears that the Carney has been detached from the Ford CSG and is now working with the group ordered to the Red Sea on Tuesday: Pentagon Issues 'Prepare to Deploy' Orders to 2,000 US Troops.


The Carney was not under attack. It was in the area of the Houthi missile launch, serendipitously or not so much, and engaged outbound Houthi missiles. In theory, the missiles could have been headed toward Israel. Realistically, they were probably heading in the direction of Saudi Arabia. This was the first time a US warship has engaged a Houthi cruise missile.


The purpose of these forces is to deter other groups, especially Iranian-backed proxies like the Houthis and Lebanese Hezbollah, as well as Iran itself, from attacking Israel. As Defense Spokesman Brigadier General Pat Ryder said, " to protect our partners and our interests in this important region.” The decision to engage the Houthi missiles was a clear sign to the Houthi puppetmaster, Iran, that the US was prepared to act aggressively to keep the fighting confined to Gaza.

While the engagement was clearly meant to signal Iran to back off, in my opinion, it was also an offering to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the linchpin in the Abraham Accords, which seem to be rapidly unraveling after the "hospital bombing."

In addition to showing our intent, the incident clearly demonstrates what the US Navy can do if it takes a break from being woke and focuses on its mission. Missiles and drones were engaged from the sea and shot down. 


During the Vietnam War, there was a saying about using military force as a demonstration of intent. It was, "If you want to send a message, use Western Union." It will take more than shooting down missiles that don't belong to Iran to deter Iran if, and it is a big if (Reality Sets in and Iran Walks Back Its Threat to Enter the Israel-Hamas War), it decides to enter the fray. Based on our past experience with Iran, I'd say that we can expect them to do something to show the Houthis, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah that they aren't intimidated.


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