What's up, Secretary Mayorkas? Top Homeland Security Official Escorted From Building and Office Marked as Crime Scene

Shortly after 4 p.m. Monday, three carloads of federal agents raided an office in Washington, DC. They weren’t after money launderers or January 6 participants. The agents were from the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Protective Service, the agency charged with providing security to federal government facilities. Their quarry was a senior civil servant named Brian Sulc, executive director of the Transnational Organized Crime Mission Center at DHS’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis in Washington. This office was established by Joe Biden in December 2021 and, along with parallel organizations in State, Treasury, Defense, Justice, and the DNI, with the charge of ” integrated intelligence to counter transnational organized crime (TOC) networks and facilitators. We focus primarily on major drug smuggling organizations, transnational gangs, human smuggling, weapon trafficking, child exploitation, illicit trade, and the movement of illicit proceeds on behalf of these criminal enterprises.”


Sulc was taken into custody, escorted from the building, and bundled into a police car to take him to another location for “questioning.” His office was sealed as a crime scene.

The office has been sealed shut with crime tape, and evidence seals were placed around the door and across the keyhole so no one can enter.

Reportedly he has been placed on administrative leave.

Sulc is a former Marine officer and a self-identified single dad of four children. He is two levels down from legendary liar Alejandro Mayorkas in the DHS hierarchy. Based on his LinkedIn profile, this is his Facebook page.

Here’s where the story gets sketchy. According to Rolling Stone:

Sulc is in charge of the office that produces intelligence assessments on border security, the opioid epidemic, and other high-stakes policy issues. Those assessments include intelligence on how fentanyl is crossing into the United States, as well as attempts to identify cartel members and human-trafficking operatives on both sides of the border. They’re used to inform policy decisions at the highest levels of DHS and elsewhere in the Biden administration.

The problem that got him arrested and evicted from the building was “for an alleged security violation, bringing a personal electronic device inside the secure office, where phones and electronic devices are prohibited.”


As they say where I come from, “I may have been born at night, but I wasn’t born last night.” A Senior Executive Service doesn’t get arrested and publicly humiliated over something that everyone in Hillary Clinton’s State Department did all day, every day. By taking him out of the building in custody, they’ve destroyed his credibility and usefulness. The next step will be his retirement or removal from the Civil Service if he’s not retirement eligible (looking at his LinkedIn profile, he hasn’t met the minimum time requirement to retire). If his gravest sin had been to take a cell phone into a secure office or even a SCIF, this would’ve been handled much differently.

No, something bigger is going on. Given Sulc’s portfolio, it could be all manner of malfeasance or criminality. It could also be related to the whistleblowers who are beginning to line up outside Congressional offices with stories of lies and deception by Mayorkas and his inner clique to mislead Congress. This story isn’t going away anytime soon.


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