BREAKING. FAA Shuts Down Airspace in Montana Due to National Security

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Saturday, the FAA issued a Notice to Air Missions (or whatever they’re calling it this week) closing northern Montana airspace “to support Department of Defense activities.”


According to, a USAF KC-135 tanker flying without a callsign is boring holes in the sky in the restricted airspace. This implies something is on the way to that location that will need gas.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has declined to provide further information.

The newly restricted area is on the same route as the Chinese spy balloon shot down a week ago.

This comes only hours after a US F-22 splashed another “unidentified object” over the Canadian province of Yukon (see Update: BREAKING: Canada Confirms ‘Unidentified Object’ Spotted Over Northern Canada ‘Shot Down’).

Redstate will provide further updates as they become available on this breaking story.


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