Russian Cruise Missile Explodes in Poland and Kills Two; Polish Government Calls Crisis Meeting

Tuesday, at least two Russian cruise missiles missed the country of Ukraine and landed in Eastern Poland. Two Polish citizens were killed.

The missiles were part of an overnight blitz of about 100 sea- and air-launched cruise missiles targeting Ukraine’s electric generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure.


Poland’s prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, has convened an emergency meeting of the Polish government to discuss the attack. Consultations with NATO will probably follow.

While the US Defense Department has not affixed official blame for the incident. Background briefings from intelligence officials have placed the blame on Russia.


Some pro-Russia accounts claim this is a Ukrainian surface-to-air missile gone astray. The story is wildly improbable as Western surface-to-air missiles have a self-destruct mechanism that prevents a live missile without target-lock from galivanting across large swaths of real estate. The impact location makes this explanation even more unlikely. Surface-to-air missiles fired from within Ukraine at incoming Russian missiles would have splashed in Ukraine.

Russia’s media personalities don’t seem to be denying the source, either. For example, here is the editor-in-chief of RT giving her opinion.

This refers to Ukrainian strikes on the Russian city of Belgorod.

(She seems to have since received the memo, and now her Telegram account blames the Brits.)


Russia has released an official statement.

Contrary to some assertions, this incident will not create cause for NATO consultation under the mutual-defense provisions of Article 5 but under Article 4. So all those soiling themselves at the thought of a nuclear war over a stray missile can relax and regain control of their sphincters.


This is not the first time this has happened. Two weeks ago, a Russian cruise missile missed Ukraine and hit Moldova. So long as Russia targets civilian infrastructure in Western Ukraine, this will happen. NATO and the EU need to take steps to let Russia know this is not acceptable behavior.


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