Tom Cotton Demands Merrick Garland Resign Over Inaction on Pro-Abort Violence While the FBI Pretends to Care

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In the month-and-a-half after Politico published a leaked copy of a draft Supreme Court opinion demolishing Roe vs. Wade (Politico Tries to Pre-Game SCOTUS by Publishing Leaked Draft Opinion Overturning Roe), we have seen just how inherently violent the pro-abortion movement is. This shouldn’t be a shock if you are fighting to defend the right of a mother to have her child dismembered, but it was surprising to see a group billing itself as “Jane’s Revenge” vandalizing and burning crisis pregnancy centers.


Since the leak of the Dobbs opinion, at least 52 crisis pregnancy centers have been relentlessly attacked. Making the matter worse is the Biden Justice Department’s bias against pro-life organizations (Pro-Abort Terrorists Declare War on Crisis Pregnancy Centers but Can They Rely on Merrick Garland’s Pro-Abort Extremist Deputy for Help?).

Attacks on Crisis Pregnancy Centers by streiff

Two weeks ago, a list of 16 US Senators sent a letter to Garland demanding action on the ongoing campaign of terrorism.

Letter from 16 Senators to Merrick Garland on CPC Terrorism by streiff 

Monday, the FBI’s position, according to The Federalist, was, “We have no comment on any specific incidents.”

The studied inaction by the Department of Justice has been noticed. Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton has sent a letter to Merrick Garland demanding action to stop this terrorism and for Garland to step down.

Houses of worship and pro-life pregnancy centers are under attack. The Family Research Council has compiled a list of more than 50 attacks against churches, pro-life pregnancy centers, and other pro-life groups in the past few weeks. A left-wing extremist group called “Jane’s Revenge” has taken credit for many of these attacks, including firebombings and grotesque acts of vandalism. The same group has now issued a letter declaring “open season” on all so-called “anti-choice” groups, and calls for terrorist attacks against these groups by anyone “with the urge to paint, to burn, to cut, [or] to jam.” I am appending a list of attacks this group has already claimed at the end of this letter.

What is the Department of Justice doing to protect Americans from these violent attacks? At a minimum, you should bring federal charges against the perpetrators, where appropriate, and investigate “Jane’s Revenge” as a domestic terrorist organization.

If you are unwilling to protect Americans from these attacks, you should resign—although, in my opinion, you should resign in any case


Cotton knows, as do we all that Garland isn’t going anywhere. If shame or incompetence were a barrier to holding his office, he would have never been nominated or confirmed. But there is a chance that enough attention might convince someone to do their job.

Thursday, the FBI changed its position.

“The FBI is investigating a series of attacks and threats targeting pregnancy resource centers and faith-based organizations across the country,” the FBI National Press Office told The Federalist in an updated statement on Thursday.

If you needed a case study of what a politicized DOJ/FBI looked like, this would be it. Only a week ago, a GOP gubernatorial candidate in Michigan was arrested on the flimsiest of misdemeanor charges in connection with the January 6 demonstration at the US Capitol (FBI Arrests GOP Candidate for Governor of Michigan Over January 6 Misdemeanors and What That Means for 2024). In April, the FBI’s case against the “conspirators” in the “plot” to “kidnap” Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer went down in flames as a federal jury laughed the case out of court (Massive Blow to the FBI After Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Verdict Drops and The Whitmer Kidnapping Plot in Michigan Was a Bit of a Clown Show From Start). If, on the other hand, a criminal conspiracy issues a public threat of violence against crisis pregnancy centers, you get crickets.

What has enabled this pro-abort terrorist group to exist and spread is the FBI’s laissez-faire attitude towards leftwing terrorist groups. The FBI instigates and manufactures bullsh** incidents like the Whitmer “kidnapping” to attempt to discredit the political right. They could care less about violence by the left. This is why Antifa continues to operate with impunity while the “Proud Boys” and “Patriot Front” are harassed and riddled with informers.


The first task of the next Republican president must be to purge the Department of Justice and FBI of political activists and attempt to reestablish at least a veneer of professionalism.


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