The Taliban Troll Joe Biden on Twitter

AP Photo/Zabi Karimi

Everyone (hopefully) is familiar with the horrendous mess Joe Biden, and his goofy, Ivy League brain trust have brought to fruition in Afghanistan. I never thought I’d say it, but Jake Sullivan, Anthony Blinken, and Lloyd Austin make Iranian stooge Ben Rhodes look like a genius.


As the Taliban assume control of Afghanistan, it is clear that Taliban 2.0 is not the same as the Stone Age regime we demolished in late 2001. Earlier today, at a Taliban press event, one of their leaders was asked about their tolerance of free speech. This is what he said.

Not an exact analog, but Facebook is effectively acting as an arm of the Biden White House to suppress dissenting views of the Wuhan virus and mask wear, so it is a point well taken. When Twitter can ban a former president and the US Government doesn’t lift a finger, then we have lost the moral authority to call anyone out on free speech. They are also showing that they may have other talents.

One of the iconic social media images of President (so-called) Biden, other than him doing a faceplant on the stairs of Air Force One, is him with an ice cream cone.


Which has been put to good use here.

It seems as though the Taliban have seen the images.

It is hard to credit the idea that you could get four hardened fighters to pose with ice cream cones in Afghanistan today unless they were trying to send a message: that Joe Biden is a joke, and they are laughing at him.




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