US Special Operations Command Appoints a Political Commissar to Make Sure the Whole Place Is Woke Enough to Suit the Left

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Part of the Defense Authorization Act that passed Congress over President Trump’s veto (it had only twelve No votes in the Senate and 87 No votes in the House) was the mainstreaming of Critical Race Theory into the U.S. Defense establishment. This attack of morale, good order, and discipline comes in the form of mandating a “diversity and inclusion” (diversity and inclusion do not, apparently, extend to heterosexual males, particularly if they are white) apparatus at all levels of command and essentially instituting something like NKVD commissars to ensure the entire chain of command is supportive of racial grievance-mongering.


Yesterday, US Special Operations Command announced the appointment of its first “chief of diversity and inclusion.”

This takes place as Army Special Forces can no longer attract enough candidates to the selection course to fill vacancies, if anything like standards are maintained. The Army has shown that standards are not a big deal, if they run contrary to ensuring the correct genitalia pass through a course. (Every day, it seems more and more like the old description of any random gaggle of rear-echelon soldiers as “odds and sods” is becoming literally the standard make-up of all Army units.)

So, who is this stud who brings diversity, inclusion, thick glasses, and a double chin to U.S. Special Operations Command? Here he is on LinkedIn:

What you see absent from his c.v. is anything remotely related to being part of an organization that has a critical mission…and a single day spent in uniform. The idea that you are going to pluck a goober like this from a failed organization like the Washington Metro (though they are very happy wallowing in their failure and not terribly concerned about doing anything except failing, so there is that) and have him oversee efforts to ensure more of the right kind of people make it to the top of the Special Operations community is nothing short of bizarre.


It gets better.

While President Trump was in office, this guy was using social media to compare President Trump to Hitler and mock Texas Senator Ted Cruz.


This is Tucker Carlson’s run-down on it all. His discussion of Torres-Estrada is at the beginning, but the whole clip is worth watching.

What is notable about this is Torres-Estrada did not scrub his social media posts before being hired on as the new commissar of USSOCOM. Because he didn’t get rid of the inflammatory garbage, it has all the appearances that just the opposite took place. He was asked to leave his social media intact, so everyone could see exactly who and what he was. His appointment to this position is a warning shot to everyone that ability and skills no longer matter.

Under a sane president, this deliberate effort to divide the military into opposing camps based on race, ethnicity, and “gender” could have been mitigated. Unfortunately for all of us, we don’t have a sane president. As Thursday’s press conference clearly shows, we have a president who is pretty far along the dementia spectrum and who will, inevitably, be found one day sitting naked in a pile of his own feces and rubbing it in his hair plugs. I’m assuming, arguendo, that hasn’t yet happened, but if it had, the media would never tell us about it.


Add into the mix a Secretary of Defense who seems ecstatic about the coming purge of officers and noncommissioned officers who aren’t enthusiastic enough about what Chief Justice John Roberts called “a sordid business, this divvying us up by race,” stir in rules that seem to make it illegal for orthodox Christians to serve in the military (the USMC training slides on extremism clearly prohibit overt support of actual marriage and any questioning of transsexualism and homosexuality and equate those views with extremism), and you have a situation where the entire institutional power of the Pentagon is no longer focused on manning, equipping, and training a military force but on selecting and training the most woke in that force for higher command, while purging anyone who doesn’t go along with the program.

Having won a decisive victory over the military ethos by the mainstreaming of homosexuals and transgenders, the left has now decided to do a victory dance on the grave of an ancient and honorable profession.


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