Tucker Carlson Tells the Pentagon That Treating Him as an Enemy Sounds Like a Pretty Good Deal

Kristin M. Hall

For the past couple of days many of us have been transfixed by the sordid spectacle of senior military officers and the senior noncommissioned officers in the US Army and Space Force leveling attacks against Fox News host Tucker Carlson.


Carlson’s grave offense was pointing out the blinding stupidity and self-centeredness of military services who haven’t been doing all that great in the warfighting business suddenly becoming obsessed with hairstyling and pregnancy outfits for women in the military… and with general wokeness… while giving short shrift to things like combat readiness. See my post The Official Outrage Over Tucker Carlson’s Critique of Joe Biden’s Military Shows Just How Lost Our Military Is.

The dishonest military hierarchy took a noncontroversial critique of a command structure that is perfectly willing to kill as many young Americans as it has to in order to get the pronouns right on the death certificates, and spun it as an attack on all women in the military.

Now Carlson has responded.


Well, it was quite an experience yesterday, being the very first target of the Pentagon’s new “Operation Silence the Talkshow Host.”

Friends called and seemed concerned, “Are you guys alright?”

And for a minute we were almost rattled. The we realized that if the woke generals treat us like they treated the Taliban, we’ll be fine.

Twenty years later the Taliban are still here.

Maybe we ought to promise the Pentagon that we’ll get rid of traditional gender roles on this show. Change the pronouns, beat the patriarchy and all that. Then they’d send us billions in unmarked hundred dollar bills as a reward, they’ve certainly done that before. And that might really kickstart our struggling opium poppy business. That’s something to think about. Anyway, we’re fine. Thank you for your concern.

On a serious note, all the military leaders who dreamed up this douchebaggery and carried it into execution have done is make themselves laughing stocks. Jokes. The amateurish attacks on Carlson were only stunning because never before has there been a coordinated campaign issued out of the Secretary of Defense’s office targeting a member of the media, by name, over an opinion expressed by them. Never. In fact, there has never been such a shameful episode directed against a specific member of the media for divulging secret information or false reporting. The men and women in the Armed Forces know there is a double standard, they know about the campaign of wokeness being carried out. Carlson not taking it all that seriously is going to resonate with a rank-and-file that is becoming culturally detached from the senior officer ranks. That is not a good thing. In fact, it is a dangerous state of affairs only exceeded by the way that same leadership is failing in its primary duty of winning wars.



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