Joe Biden Does the Most Joe Biden Thing Possible to Try to Appear to Have a Plan for Wuhan Virus

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The Joe Biden we see in the Oval Office is remarkably similar to the Joe Biden we’ve observed over his political life. He says random crap, he’s pretty much clueless about every issue but can mouth platitudes with the best of them, and a partisanly passive Washington press corps politely applauds him and tells the yokels in the hinterlands what kind of a genius he is.


Right now, the Biden regime is flailing about trying to do something about the Wuhan virus. And by something, I mean something that was not planned and set into motion by the Trump administration. The vaccine research and approval…all Trump. The vaccine production…all Trump. The vaccine distribution…all Trump. While Biden and his sycophants were blasting Trump’s reaction to the virus. As an aside, the sole area where I fault the Trump administration is in allowing themselves to be browbeaten into shutting down the US economy on the say-so of some medical “experts” who are looking more and more like a collection of jabronis every day–if you aren’t familiar with that word read Opinion: I Am Cletus–no mask…one mask…two masks…one mask (Dr. Fauci Is Just Making It up as He Goes, and This Latest Example Proves It) and losing control of the narrative. At no point did Team Biden ever think through how, should they win or cheat their way into the White House, they were going to be able to justify executing a solid plan that they’d spent six months declaring a disaster and what they would replace the existing plan with.

Well, today, we got a glimpse of the second part of that quandary.


That’s right. The Biden gang’s contribution to ridding us of the Wuhan scourge is to send face masks to every American.

This is nuts on a lot of levels. The race- and class-based distribution plan developed by the CDC during the interregnum disadvantages the sick and elderly in favor of the young and minority (CDC Is Literally Trying to Kill Granny by Using Critical Race Theory to Decide Who Will Get Wuhan Virus Vaccine). Because of that, the most vulnerable took a back seat to “essential workers,” heroes, like supermarket cashiers. Problems are on the horizon as “warp speed” may turn out to not be a great way of developing a vaccine that is going to be used in the hundreds of millions of doses.


People, including health care workers, are balking at taking the vaccine. The data show that states with no lockdown and no masks are doing better than the fascistic dystopias that demand both (see Shepard Smith Calls Footage of Maskless Floridians “Shocking” Then Gets Wrecked by Data). On the near horizon, there is the manufactured boogeyman of the Wuhan “mutations” that are supposed to be super-duper bad and for which the Biden claque has articulated no plan for new vaccine research or anything else.

With all these looming problems, Joe Biden sends us masks. I hope the assclowns on the right who were too offended by Trump’s tweets with typos to vote for him, the so-called “smartest man in the room” types, enjoy the sh**show they helped bring about.








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